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P. W.
Wade, Lt. E.M.
Waeckerling, R. L.
Wager, John
Wakefield, Dudley
Walker, Malcolm C.
Wallace, John B.
Wallace, R. E.
Wallster, Everett
Walton, B. S.
Walton, Robert V.
Ward, Ebet E. Jr.
Ward, Louis W.
Wardman, Eric L.
Ware, S.A.
Le Warne, J.W.
Warner, Donald
Warner, Frances
Warner, Ralph
Washington Airmail Society
Washington Philatelic Society
Washington State Philatelic Society
George Washington Bicentennial Committee
Waters, James P. D. Esq.
Watson, Willard N.
Watts, Omar R.
Wayman, Fred
Webcraft FDC's (Stephen M. Todd)
Weber, Richard J. (Dick)
Webster, D.L.
Wegmann, Herbert A.
Weigand, Louis C. & Mae
Weigand, Louis C.
Weigand, Mae
Weil, William S.
Weiss, Ralph A.
Welch, Clyde
Welch, George
Welch, William R.
Wenholtz, Robert H.
Wentworth, Roger A.
Wentz, Douglas C. & Harry F.
Werve, Ralph P.
West, Walter A.
West Coast Air Mail Society
Weyland, Karl F.
Whetstone, George
Whipple, Alleen O.
White, B
White, L. Erle
White, Lyle
White, Nelson
White, Paul & Margaret
Whitlatch, Harry E.
Whitney, R. Bob
Whittier Chamber of Commerce
Wickard, Albert O. (Bert)
Wielki, Eugene T.
Wigod, Milton
Wilkes Barre Chamber of Commerce
Williams, Arthur S.
Williams, E.S.
Williams, J.A.
Williams, Nat
Williams, P.
Williams, R.E.
Williams, R.F.
Willis, W.J.
Wilmington NC Chamber of Commerce
Wilson, Donald R.
Wilson, Duane
Wilson, Earl Jay
Wilson, George H.
Wilson, Henrik
Wilson, J.E.
Wilson, Marjorie
Wilson, Ralph G.
Wing, J.
Witter, Theodore
Wladyka, W. J. (Shoebox Cachets)
Wladyka, W. J. (Greytcovers)
Wojcik, Jack
Wolfe, J.W.
Womack, C.R. Jr.
Wood, Mary L.
Woodbury, Bruce E.
Wortman, F. J.
Wright, Eugene O.
Wright, Henry S.
Wulff, Colonel Karl
Wunder, Paul
Wyant, Norman O.
Wyoming Valley Philatelic Society



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