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HJM (Hans J. Mueller)
TM Historical Covers
Maccoun, William E.
Magda, Alexander
Magnus, Don
Maloney, Wilbert
Manley, Robert L.
Marcet, E.F.
Marcincin, George
Mare Island Naval Shipyard
Mare Island Naval Shipyard, National Association of Supervisors, Local 16
Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Federal Managers Association, Chapter 16
Marinescu, Constantin (Magda Cachets)
Markley, L.H.
Maroney, Art
Marriott, Ray N.
Marshall, H.L.
Marshall, W.N.
Martin, John F.
Martinat, J. & I.
Mary, Norman K.
Maryland Commemorative Association
Mason, Jr., Claude A. (NMC)
Masonic Historical Cover Club
Matanzas, Cuba Post Office
Mattes, J. J.
Matthews, Robert W.
Maurer, David F.
Mayer, Jerry & Thelma (TM Historical Covers)
McCall, Daniel
McCamley, Myron F.
McClure, Peter R. (CEC)
McCue, Michael W.
McCullough, H.B.
McDaniel, Louis W.
McGee, Joshua
McGirl, Thomas F.
McGrath, Edward W.
McIntosh Cachets
McKalip, John
McKee, William
McKenna, Peter J.
McLennan, Jack
McMahon, J. F.
McMillan, Angus
Medcalf, Frank L.
Medicus, Fred E.
Meisenhelder, Roy
Merrell, Leslie S.
Metz, Carl
Mews, Gregory
Meyer, K.
Mezwin, Edward F.
MhCachets (Michael F Hebert)
Miami Chamber of Commerce
Miami Philatelic Society
Midshipman's Stamp Club, U.S. Naval Academy
Mikulka, John G.
Milan, Gerald T.
Millar, Wm. Llewellyn
Miller, Allen C.
Miller, A.F.
Miller, Edmund
Miller, F.
Miller, III, Foster E. (FM)
Miller, J.P.
Miller, Leo A.
Miller, Leslie A.
Miller, Capt. William V.
Milling, Raymond W.
Mills, Neal J.
Milstein, Stewart
Mingos, Lavina May
Minkler, Louis C.
Minkus, Jacques
MINSY Supervisors Assocation
Mission Stamp Club
Mitchell, Dorothy
Moawad, A.
Mobile Chamber of Commerce
Monarque Stamp Company
Montague, Robert
Monterey Chamber of Commerce
De Montigny, C.
Moore, Harry
Moore, Louis T.
Morgan, Robert L.
Morrill, John
Morris, Clyde G.
Morrisette, R.L.
Morrissey, Tom
Morse, Frank L.
Moses, Miriam V.
Motor City Stamp and Cover Club
Motz, Richard P.
Moyer, S.
Mueller, Charles R.
Mueller, Eugene L.
Mueller, Hans J.
Multnomah Cover Service (Myron F. McCamley)
Munette, Cub
Munson, Walt
Murch, Robert W.
Muridge, M. Fay
Murphey, Matt
Murray, L.O.H.
Murray, Nancy
Murray, Owen R.
Murray, Steve
Murrin, Robert
Muskogee Stamp Club
Myers, Gene M.
Myers, Lewis R., NMC
Myers, Robert U.



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