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H & W Cover Club
Haag, John J.
Hacker, Edward
Hagenmiller, R.E.
Hager, William J.
Hale, Joseph M.
Haley, G.
Hall, Charles B.
Hall, Claude R.
Hall, Jeannine P.
Hall, Marshall R.
Hall, Richard H.
Hamilton, Gordon H.
Hamling, Alex
Hamm, John A.
Hamman, Richard
Hammer, Paul E.
Handle, George K.
Hannaford, Elbert I.
Hannis, Audrey J.
Hanson, Kenneth (Kenick Covers)
Hanson, Jim
Harader, J.A. (Bremerton Chamber of Commerce)
Hare, R.B.
Harney, W.S.
Harrington, Dr R.H.
Harrington, Ted
Harrison, James J.
Hart, C. Murray
Harvard University Stamp Club
Harvath, A.J.
Harvis, Lee
Hawaii Chinese Sesquicentennial Committee
Hawaii Philatelic Association
Hawaiian Philatelic Society
Hawaii Postal Museum
Hayes, Floyd C.
Healey, Warren C.
Hebert, Michael F. (MH Cachets)
Hebditch, Fred
Hechler, Wolfgang
Heim, Edward G.
Helman, Paul A. (USS Sacramento Chapter #91, USCS)
Hembree, John
Hemenway, James R.
Henderson, Steve
Hendricks, Royal C.
Hengstler, Oscar
Henry, Stewart M.
Herald, Charles S.
Herald, M.J.
Herrick, E.D.
Herrmann, K.F.
Hesler, R. G.
Hesse, Alex R.
Hill, A.K.
Hill, Ray
Hines, Manley Jr (H & W Cover Club)
Hinzpeter, Alfred C.
Hippe, Louis M.
Historic Aeronautics Association
Hitz, Charles R.
Hoboken Businessman's Association
Hobby Link (Kevin Tracy)
Hobby Shop Covers (Sibley's Department Store Hobby Shop)
Hobby Shop (Washington DC)
Hoffner, Richard F.
Hogan, Joseph E.
Holcombe, T.M.
Hollis, Frank P.
Holloway, R.L.
Hollywood Cover Club
Holmes, Terrance
Holterman, Jack
Holtgreve, Walter F.
Honeyman, Stanton
Honolulu Advertiser
Honolulu Advertiser Stamp Collectors' Corner
Honolulu Advertiser Stamp Club
(The) Honolulu Paper Company Ltd.
Honolulu Stamp Company
Honolulu Star-Bulletin LTD
Hopkins, Roland E.
Horton, Frederick
House of Farnam
Howard, Dewey
Howes, H. E.
Howland, Jack L.
Hubbard, Homer D. & Roy E.
Huber, CDR. Paul
Huestis, George
Humbert, Warren E.
Humiston, A. J.
Humphrey, J.E.
Hunter, Lt. A.D. (CEC), USN
Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce
Hurtado, Leon M.
Hutnick, Dr. S.E.



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