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The following is a {Historical} list of Universal Ship Cancellation Society (USCS) Chapters, the majority of them may have created cachets. The Chapters that do not have an active link are not known to created cachets.


1 Old Ironsides
2 John Paul Jones    ex Pacific Northwest
3 Admiral Farragut
4 Stephen Decatur    ex Philadelphia
5 Oliver Hazard Perry
6 Moffett
7 Fighting Bob Evans
8 Admiral George Dewey
9 Francis E. Locy
10 Neptune
11 Rear Admiral Byrd
12 Constellation
13 Teddy Roosevelt / USS Cyclops
14 Admiral Joseph M. Reeves
15 Commander Gulliver
16 Edwin Denby
17 Robert Fulton
18 Commodore Bainbridge
19 CDR John Barry
20 Daniel Dobbins
21 Pennsylvania
22 Battleship Oregon
23 USS Porpoise
24 U.S. Fleet
25 USS Cleveland
26 John Rodgers
27 USS San Diego
28 RADM Selfridge
29 Battleship Connecticut
30 Capt Vancouver
31 Bremerton Wash
32 Fox River Valley Ill
33 Milwaukee
34 Utah
35 Ohio
36 Commodore Sloat
37 Georgia
38 Buffalo New York
39 Collinsville Ill
40 M. T. Woolsey
41 Coco Solo Canal Zone
42 Monmouth County NJ
43 USS Cincinnati
44 Hampton Roads VA
45 Ohio
46 Adm. Sir David Beatty
47 Bellingham Wash
48 David Bushnell
49 Oklahoma
50 Capt Reid
51 USS California
52 USCS Buccaneers
53 USS Cachalot
54 S.S. Savannah
55 USCS Insiders
55 HMCS Nootka
56 Midway-On-The-Seaway
59 USS Saginaw
61 Nuclear Ships
64 Commodore Preble
65 Graf von Spee
68USS Nathan Hale
70 Admiral Lockwood
71USS America
73 Narragansett Bay
74USS Puget Sound
75 USS Kalamazoo
77 USS Springfield
78 USS Arizona
79 USS Oregon
80USS Michigan
84 USS Phoenix
85 Mercator
86USS Florida
87 FADM Nimitz
88 Aloha
89USS Buffalo
90 USS New Jersey
91 USS Sacramento
97USS Los Angeles
98USS Iowa
99 USS North Carolina
103 USS Nevada
104 Taze Nicholson
105 USS Indianapolis
106 USS Columbia
107 USS Ronald Reagan
108 DSV Alvin
109 NS Savannah
110 USS Constitution
111 Coast Guard
112 Pearl Harbor



If a cachet maker is missing from this list or if no page is associated with that person or organization (ie, the name is not an active link), then either contact the Curator or edit this page yourself and fix it. See Editing Chapter and Crew Lists for detailed information on editing this page.


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