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ABC Covers
Cayuga Post 1975 VFW
EWC (E.W. Childs)
Cachet Correspondence Club (CCC)
Cachet Craft
Caddick, Stephen
Caldwell, Janice (Mrs R.C.)
Callaway, Leon H.
Calle, Chris
Campbell, Donald C.
Campbell, W.P. (Bert)
Campbell, Eleanor
Campodonico, Thelma
Canaday, George L.
Canal Zone Boy Scouts
Cape Fear Stamp and Cover Club (Original)
Cape Fear Stamp and Cover Club
Capital City Philatelic Society
Carlson, Lorraine
Carlson, R.S.
Carney, Larry R.
Carroll Naval Cover Service
Carter, Charles Leslie
Cash, James M.
Casimir Pulaski Cachet Club
Ceder, C. Edward
Cerrinack, Charles J.
Cetti, Alfred
Chalmers, B.
Chang, Harold H.Y.
Chapman, H.E.
Charleston Navy Yard Development Association
Charleston Stamp Club
Charney, T.S.
Chester, A. M.
Chester, Whipple Y.
Chicago Cover Club
Childs, E. W.
Chin, Yak Sun
Chong, Henry
Chrisman, H.H.
Christensen, Arthur A.
Christopherson, L.F.
Chun, James
Ciesielski, Gregory
Clark, Charles W.
Clark, J.P.
Clarke, Major (Long Beach Chamber of Commerce)
Clausen, Detlef H.
Clem, Elton O.
Clemmitt ?
Cleveland Cover Club
Cobos, Emil
Cochrane, Frank III
Cohen, Al
Colburn, R.L. (Longview Chamber of Commerce)
Cole, Arthur J.
Cole, Frank R.
Collector's Surplus
Colorano Silk Cachets
Combs, Erwin H.
Commons Stamp Service (Jack Commons)
Compton, William H.
Connolly, Joseph P.
Conrath Printery
Consulate of Republic of Argentina
Contraros, George J.
Contraros, Helen
Conway, Jack A.
Cook, Don
Cortelyou, Gerrit H.
Corvallis Philatelic Stamp Club
Costa, Ray
Cotter, John R.
Cotton, Frances L. (Port Townsend Chamber of Commerce)
Coulthard, John
Court, Russell A.
Couse, J.L.
Cover Mount Co.
Cramer, Robert
Crawford, David C.
Crissey, Carl E.
Crocker, George F.
Crosby, Walter G.
Cross, C. Guy
Crowley, N.G.
Crutcher, Donald L.
Culkowski, Lynn
Culotta, D.A.
Currier, Donald
Curtis, Dave
Curtis, Sabrina
Cyr, Wilfred R.
Czubay, Walter



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