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The following is a list of the 39 American Naval Cancellation Society (ANCS) Crews known to have existed, or intended to form, and their locations. They may have all created cachets but records are not complete. To have a ANCS Crew, the following requirements was necessary; At least five (5) ANCS members and a Navy Mail Clerk willing to work with them. The ANCS started in 1935 and ceased in 1946.

Crew NumberCrew NameCrew Location or Composition
0 ANCS Applications & Misc. ANCS
1 Constitution Columbus OH
2 Independence Chicago IL
3RangerPittsburgh PA (1936)
3 Ranger Portsmouth NH (1944)
4PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia PA
5United StatesSan Pedro CA
6ProvidenceProvidence RI - Org. May 8 1935
7 Olympia Seattle WA - Org. May 3 1935
8 Viking Washington DC
9 Eagle Detroit MI
10SparkSchnectady NY
11 USS Selfridge Fairhaven MA
12 Aloha Honolulu HI
13 USS Brooklyn Brooklyn NY
14 Golden Bear Oakland CA
15PasadenaPasadena CA
16Planned, Not FormedSan Diego CA
17Planned, Not FormedDownington PA
18OregonPortland OR
19AsiaticAsiatic Fleet
20Planned, Not FormedNew Jersey
21TropicsBalboa, Canal Zone
22Planned, Not FormedUSS Milwaukee
23Commanders ex-RainbowOfficers of the Fleet
24 Argonauts ex-Undersea Submariners of the Fleet & By Invitation
25Planned, Not FormedFlorida
26Planned, Not FormedCincinnati OH
27Planned, Not FormedMidwest U.S.
28Planned, Not FormedLos Angeles CA
29 Shenandoah Unknown
30 Moundbuilders Unknown
31Not AssignedN/A
32USS Solace ex-RainbowHandicapped or Shut-Ins
33Big Brother Crew - Planned, Not FormedThose ANCS members who Remember the Handicapped or Shut-Ins
At-Large Freebooters By Invitation
At-Large USS Cleveland Cleveland OH
At-LargeUSS LexingtonNMC's, Artists or By Invitation
At-LargePast PresidentsFormer ANCS Presidents
At-Large USS Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA
At-LargeTrue Blue Crew of Admiral's HandshakeFor Exceptional Service



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