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JFB (Boston Navy Yard Athletic Assocation)
DJB (Donald J. Brunson, Anacortes Chamber of Commerce)
Bainbridge Cachet Committee
Bakula, Louis C.
Baldwin, Brian
Banasky, Al
Barber, George A.
Barkmon, Joseph
Barlow, J. M.
Barnard, G. Cargill
Barnard, Louis A.
Barnes, Fred C.
Bartlett, Sedley
Bartley, Deane C. (DC)
Bast, Robert
Batson, Irvin C.
Batson, I.C.
Baxter, Henri
Bayliss, P.H.
Bean, F.A.
Bean, Louie C.
Beatty, Alice L.
Beaumont, LCDR. Arthur, USN
Beazell, Robert
Beck, E.A.
Beck, J.M.
Beck, Morris W.
Beckman, Roy C. (Oakland Chamber of Commerce)
Beckwith, E. L.
Bedell, Ted
Beech Postal Employees Stamp Club
Bees, F.T.
Begelman, M.
Bellingham Chamber of Commerce
Bellingham Stamp Club
Bencher, C
Benedict, Harry
Benedict, Harry L.
Benedicto, Mike
Berg, R.C.
Bi-Color Craft
Bieda, Kenneth
Bilka, Emil W.
Birdsall, E.J.
Birdy, Charles W.
Bishop, Donald A.
Bishop, George A.
Bishop National Bank of Hawaii
Bissonnette, Robert J.
Blackburn, C.R. (Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce)
Blaum, William J.
Bloch, Francis W.
Bloedorn, Helen May
The Blue Print Company
Blum, Lowell
Bodisch, John Joseph
Boerger, Al (ABC Covers)
Bogardus, R.
Bogner, L.
Boll, Ken
Boone, Richard P.
Borkowski, Leonard
Boryczki, Ted
Boslikov, George
Boston Navy Yard Athletic Association
Boston Navy Yard Navy Relief Society
Boston Navy Yard Quartermen & Leadingmen's Association
Boudwin, Robert
Boutar, Truman (T & B Philatelics)
Branch, Ken
Brand, George W.
Brandt, John H.
Brazelton, E.M.
Brehm, H.M.
Breker, Lou
Bremer, Sidney N.
Bremerton Chamber of Commerce
Bremerton Stamp Society
Briddell, York
Bridgeton Stamp Club
Briend, Larry
Brock, Michael
Broglis, Ted
Bronesky, Joseph F.
Brookhaven Cachets
Brooklyn Rifle And Revolver Club Inc.
Brophy, Dennis
Brown, Albert N.
Brown, Louise M.
Browne, David Brockton
Browne, F.L.
Bryan, Edward E.
Bryant, Walter H.
Buchwald, Richard
Buckler, G.W.
Bullard, B. Saunders
Bund, J. Robert
Bunter, Paul
Burch, Harold A.
Burkholder, Ralph L. (Shorty)
Burnette, Ned
Burroughs, Capt. Charles, USCG
Burroughs, Estelle L.
Byrnes, John (Onedog Cachets)



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