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R & G Cachets (Sir George H. Newman)
K/R Cachets (Kenneth Bieda)
Ragsdale, Carl
Ramsay Tech High Stamp Club
Ramsey, Bill
Randall, B.M.
Rauterberg, Ted
Rautschke, Hans J.
Rawlings, J.K.
Rawlins, Robert D.
Raymund, Robert G.
Razzette, R.L.
Reading, J.A.
Reeley, W.W.
Reese, Edward
Reeves, Ronald
Reid, Clarence E.
Reilly, Sr., Lawrence J.
Relisko, Les
Remmick, Carol Ann
Republic of Argentina Consulate
Reverend Thomas J. Lewczak
Reynolds, Elmer
Rhodes, H. E., USN NMC
Rice, F. R.
Rice, Jr. T. A.
Rice, William F.
Richard E. Byrd Sea Scout Ship
Richardson, D.W. (Dave)
Richardson, R.W.
Richell, C. Wright
Richmond, Darcy L.
Richmond, Harry E.
Richmond, Tricia (McIntosh Cachets)
Rickett, Cuyler W.
Ring, CDR. Andrew H., USN
Ringen, Hal
Risko, H. Charles
Ritter, Robert A.
Roberts, Alfred M.
Robertson, David S.
Roessler, Albert C.
Rogak, Gary R.
Rogers, Leonard
Rogers, Norbert F.
Roloff, Howard D.
Rommel, Herbert F.
Ron's Cachets (Ronald Reeves)
Ronson, William
Rose, Albert I.
Rosendale, Duane
Rosenthal, David
Ross, H.A.
Ross, Jane
Rowe, Robert L.
Ryan, Robert M.
Rybicki, Edmund F.
Ryer, Leland Milton
Ryer, L. M.



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