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The following is a list of American Naval Cancellation Society (ANCS) members. Some of them are known to have created cachets.
Historical Note - The ANCS reused membership numbers during the course of their existence. This was done to create continuity of number and to make it look like they didn't lose members. In all actuality, it caused lots of confusion.


1 Whitlatch, Harry E. (ANCS Sec-Treasurer 1935-38)
2 Couse, J.L. - NMC
3 Faust, Harold P.
4 Lacombe, Camille
5 Gilliland, Margaret
6 Richell, C. Wright (ANCS President 1937)
7 Miller, Capt. William V.
8 Terrio, J.V. - NMC
9 Mueller, Eugene L.
10 Hall, Marshall R. (ANCS Founder & President 1935-36)
11 Duncan, E. J.
12 Crosby, Walter G.
13 Rogers, Leonard
14 Anders, Fred P.
15 Holcombe, T.M.
16 Mary, Norman K.
17 Matthews, Robert W.
18 Dierst, Hal W.
19 Budny, C. A.
20 Brown, Earl J.
21 McCullough, H.B.
22 Stickell, George P.
23 Graves, Raymond
24 Dinges, George M.
25 Dieroff, Walter
26 Litton, Sarah
27 Litton, Harry
28 Brand, George W.
29 Nix, Louis G.
30 Northup, Charles C.
31Spiker, Ralph F.
32 Kenworthey, Frank C.
33Mueller, Arthur A.
34 Humiston, A.J.
35Bjorklon, John E.
36 Pierce, (Mrs.) J. T.
37Seehawer, Eastman E.
37Gillenwater, T. M.
38 Bucher, W. D.
38 Gagnon, Louis. G. (Added 1940)
39 Hutnick, Dr. S.E.
40 Clark, J.P.
41Gregostis, George
42Griffin, Elroy (Dropped May 1936)
42McCotter, R. W. (Added May 1936)
43Mounce, R. S.
44 Gillespie, John C.
45Merritt, Lester M.
46Raley, William T. (Dropped May 1936)
46Gardner, Carl (Added May 1936)
47McDonald, Ralph
48DeLapp, George T. (Dropped May 1936)
48Rooks, Cmdr. A. H. (Added May 1936 - CO USS Phelps)
49Grimshaw, David W.
50 Brown, Louise M.
51McDonald, George
52Lee, Mary E.
53 Neet, Claude P.
54 Nace, Lloyd A.
55 Linto, William S.
56Tam, W.
57Sargent, A. C. (Dropped May 1936)
57Jett, F. A. (Added May 1936)
58 Wigod, Milton (Dropped May 1936)
58Thompson, R. M. (Added May 1936)
59 Milan, Gerald T.
60Willits, Glenn L.
61Ridley, Mrs. Helen M.
61Kneeshaw, R. E.
62Dudley Jr., Thomas U.
63Behrendt, Edwin
64 Griffith, Irene
65 Lee, P.P. - NMC
70 Graves, Raymond
71 Miller, Leo A.
75 Walton, Robert V.
76 Chun, James
78 Platania, Stephen
81 Hesse, Alex R.
82 Hopkins, Roland E.
83 Rickett, Cuyler W.
84 Lobdell, W.C.
85 Powell, Byrd L.
90 Donnelly, J.J.
95 Flanagan, Hugh W.
97 Campodonico, Thelma
99 Murch, Robert W.
102 Thurman, Emil A.
105 Stultz, P.W.
112 Graves, Raymond
115 Newell, June
117 Dumonte, Richard
118 Richmond, Harry E.
124 Foster, W.A.
143 Conway, Jack A.
145 Paulson, Leslie E.
146 Wood, Mary L.
148 Leopard, C.J. (Jimmie)
149 Shaw, Gordon A.
152 Campbell, W.P. (Bert)
154 Lawrence, John N.
155 Howard, Dewey
156 Stout, Spencer M.
158 Bremer, Sidney N.
160 Ng, Gow C.
164Graham, Robert M.
170 Harrington, Ted
172 Eshliman, Lottie
175 Scatchard, Norwood B.
178 Sadworth, George V.
180 Ewing, R.S.
182 Kendall, Howard
186 Harrington, Dr R.H.
187 Plimpton, Gerald L.
191 Aiken, Raymond A.
194 St. John, Raymond
195 Parrish, Paul
200 Pilkington, M. "Bud"
204 Schneider, Chester E.
210 Farabee, O.A.
211 Webster, D.L.
215 Dormas, Norman Andrew
216 French, H.B.
217 Smith, William S.
219 Lee, Elsie
221 Damoray, Milton
223 Awrey, James E.
224 Irvine, George J.
226 Mason, Claude A. Jr
227 Pierson, C.E.
229 Zajac, Joseph M.
235 Burch, Harold A. (NMC-USS Maryland)
237 Klaffke, J.
244 Welch, Clyde
246 Ross, Jane
248 Currier, Donald
278 Harvath, A.J.
283 Foote, Robert
285 Crutcher, Donald L.
286 Black, J.T.
288 Murphy, Matt
296 Stahlheber, C.E.
315 Stallings, H.W.
316 Hall, Claude R.
317 West, K.P.
327 Olasky, Charles
339 Wojcik, Jack
348 Cerrinack, Charles J.
353 Schaff, A. Marie
360 Allen, Clyde A.


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