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The following is a partial list of Registered Cachet Directors (RCD):


214 Pursell, E.F.
215 Burnette, Ned
216 Sanders, Fred
217 Gross, Paul J.
218 Goldstein, Alexander E.
219 Williams, E.S.
220 Stead, Theodore H.
221 Sekany, Desmond J.
222 Morse, Frank L.
223 Osborn, Glen
224 Schaller, Dulcie
225 Barkmon, Joseph
226 McMurtry, R.G.
227 Charney, T.S.
228 Spriggs, J.A., Jr
229 Raymund, Robert G.
230 Erle, Everett
231 Herrmann, K.F.
232 Koestler, August
233 Eshliman, Lottie
234 Smith, Frank P.
235 Humphrey, J.E.
236 Hanes, Howard L.
237 Gabel, W.P.
238 Parsons, R.
239 Woodbury, Bruce E.
240 Bean, F.A.
241 Buckler, G.W.
242 Pyle, G.H.
243 Richardson, George
244 Goldman, Harold
245 Lippe, L.A.
246 Skelcher, William
247 Cohen, Al
254 Peatfield, Charles R.
261 Pentel, Louis S.
262 Boone, Richard P.
263Pilgrim Cachets (John Alden)
264 Hamilton, Gordon H.
277 Decker, Everett S.
302 Bund, J. Robert
313 Milling, Raymond W.
318 Crissey, Carl E.
321 Wicks, Norman
328 Dye, Glenn W.
329 Beck, Morris W.


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