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Elbert I. Hannaford (1892-1956), USCS #370. Lived in Portland, Oregon and was the original finance officer for the Battleship Oregon Chapter #22, and was president in 1937. He worked as a draftsman for the city, and in the 1940’s moved to Longview, Washington. Hannaford did the artwork for the 1934 Thanksgiving cachet, and probably also did some of the other early chapter cachets. (research by Lloyd Ferrell)


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Ferrell SSPershing 19341129-0 cach.jpg
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Pursers Office Stamp
used for Cancel

States Line

Cachet by Elbert I. Hannaford and sponsored by the USCS Battleship Oregon Chapter. The design by Hannaford is conformed per Oregonian newspaper,26 Nov 1934, p12. It depicts "an Oregon turkey" and was the first seapost cachet the chapter did. Covers were taken on board PERSHING when she left Portland and cancelled 500 miles out at sea. When the ship arrived at Yokohama, they were transferred to another ship returning to the west coast.



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