Cachet Makers Starting With an L

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LACC (Los Angeles Cover Club)
Lafoe, Larry
Laird, Eugene C.
Laird, Eugene J.
Lake Charles Association of Commerce
Lakewood Stamp Society
Lameck, Edwin H.
Lameck, Jock Brian
Lammlin, Fred O.
Lamp, Mrs. C.D.
Lance, Archie
Lange, Dieter
Latto, V.
La Vergne, Elmer D.
Lawler, Robert R.
Lawrence, John N.
Lawson, Donald (Dr. L's Cachets)
Leary, James
Lee, Elsie
Lee, James
Lee, P.P.
Leenhouts, P.M.
Leitch, Clay
Lemon, Dave
Leonard, A.W.
Leopard, C.J. (Jimmie)
Lester, Sol
Leve, A. Atlas
Lewandowski, Dan
Lewis, Karl
Lewis, M. Stanton
Lewis, Ralph E.
Liddell, Bruce D.
Limited Edition Cachets (LEC)
Lindhardt, H.J.
Linn's Naval Cover Club (LNCC)
Linto, William S.
Little, H.J.
Litton, Harry
Litton, Sarah
Lloyd, L.R.
Lobdell, W.C.
Locke, Graydon R.
Locy, Francis E.
Logue, Patricia A.
Lone, J. Warren
Long, John D.
Long, Jerry S.
Long, William R.
Long Beach Chamber of Commerce
Long Beach California Cover Club
Long Beach Stamp Collectors Club
Long Island Chamber of Commerce
Long Island Naval Cover Club (Walter Czubay)
Longaker, Jr., Ray F.
Longseth, Martin W.
Longview Chamber of Commerce
Lopp, A.A.
Lorms, David
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Los Angeles Cover Club (LACC)
Lothian, J.
Lowe, William E.
Lowry, Dan
Luckett, William F.
Luckey, Edgar V.
Luetge, William J.
Luhta, May
Lupton, Walter (East Coast Lefty)
Luria, William
Lutz, A.
Lyding, John
Lynch, Joseph L., Jr.
Lynch, William E.



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