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This index lists U.S. Navy hull designations grouped into general categories. The categories are:

Aircraft Carriers Battleships Cruisers Destroyers and Frigates
Submarines Amphibious Ships Mine Warfare Vessels Patrol Craft
Auxiliaries Unclassified Coast Guard Other

Each designation is a link to a page for the given designation. That page lists vessels with that designation in order of their hull number. Note that many vessels were reclassified with different designations and hull numbers and some have been reclassified several times. Such vessels are listed under each of their known designations and hull numbers but all such entries will point to the same page belonging to that vessel.
For convenience, there is also a list of designations in alphabetical order.

Aircraft Carriers

ACVAuxiliary Aircraft Carrier
AVTAuxiliary Aircraft Transport / Training Carrier (1978)
CVAircraft Carrier
CVAAttack Aircraft Carrier
CVANAttack Aircraft Carrier (nuc.)
CVBLarge Aircraft Carrier
CVEEscort Aircraft Carrier
CVHAAssault Helicopter Carrier
CVHEEscort Helicopter Carrier
CVLSmall Aircraft Carrier
CVNAircraft Carrier (nuc.)
CVSAnti-submarine Aircraft Carrier
CVTTraining Aircraft Carrier
CVUUtility Aircraft Carrier
T-CVEMilitary Sealift Command Escort Aircraft Carrier
T-CVUMilitary Sealift Command Utility Aircraft Carrier






ACRArmored Cruiser (pre 1920)
CProtected Cruiser (pre 1920)
CAHeavy Cruiser
CAGGuided Missile Heavy Cruiser
CBLarge Cruiser
C-CBattle Cruiser
CGGuided Missile Cruiser (from 1975)
CGNGuided Missile Cruiser (nuc.)
CLLight Cruiser
CLAAAntiaircraft Light Cruiser
CLCTactical Command Ship
CLGGuided Missile Light Cruiser
CLKHunter-Killer Cruiser
CSScout Cruiser (pre 1920)


Destroyers and Frigates

AGFFFrigate Research Ship
DDEEscort Destroyer
DDGGuided Missile Destroyer
DDKHunter-Killer Destroyer
DDRRadar Picket Destroyer
DEDestroyer Escort (from 1968, Ocean Escort)
DECControl Escort Vessel
DEGGuided Missile Escort
DERRadar Picket Escort
DLFrigate ("Destroyer Leader")
DLGGuided Missile Frigate
DLGN Guided Missile Frigate (Nuc.)
EDDDestroyer (Experimental)
EDDEEscort Destroyer (Experimental)
EDEDestroyer Escort (Experimental)
FFFrigate (from 1975)
FFGGuided Missile Frigate (from 1975)
FFRRadar Picket Frigate (from 1975)
FFTTraining Frigate (from 1990)



AGSSAuxiliary Submarine
AOSSSubmarine Oiler
APSTransport Submarine (WW II)
APSSTransport Submarine
ASSACargo Submarine
ASSPTransport Submarine
DSRVDeep Submergence Rescue Vehicle
DSVDeep Submergence (Research) Vehicle
ESSSubmarine (Experimental)
IXSSMiscellaneous Submarine
NRSubmersible Research Vessel (nuc.)
PRMPressurized Rescue Module
SCCruiser Submarine
SFFleet Submarine
SMMine Laying Submarine
SSACargo Submarine
SSBNFleet Ballistic Missile Submarine (nuc.)
SSGGuided Missile Submarine
SSGNGuided Missile Submarine (nuc.)
SSKAntisubmarine Submarine
SSNAttack Submarine (nuc.)
SSOOiler Submarine
SSPTransport Submarine
SSRRadar Picket Submarine
SSRNRadar Picket Submarine (nuc.)
SSTTraining Submarine
SSXMidget Submarine


Amphibious Ships

AGCAmphibious Force Flagship
AKAAttack Cargo Ship
APAAttack Transport
EPFExpeditionary Fast Transport
JHSVJoint High Speed Vessel
LCCAmphibious Command Ship
LCILanding Craft Infantry
LCI(G)Landing Craft Infantry, Gunboat
LCI(L)Landing Craft Infantry, Large
LCSLittoral Combat Ship
LCS(L)(3)Landing Craft, Support (Large)
LFRInshore Fire Support Ship
LHAAmphibious Assault Ship
LHDAmphibious Assault Ship
LKAAmphibious Cargo Ship
LPAAmphibious Transport Ship
LPDAmphibious Transport Dock
LPHAmphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
LPRAmphibious Transport (Small)
LPSSAmphibious Transport Submarine
LSDDock Landing Ship
LSI(L)Landing Ship Infantry, Large
LSMMedium Landing Ship
LSM(R)Medium Landing Ship, Rocket
LSTTank Landing Ship
LST(H)Tank Landing Ship and Casualty Evacuation
LSVVehicle Landing Ship
MLPMobile Landing Platform Ship
T-ESBExpeditionary Mobile Base
T-ESDExpeditionary Transfer Dock


Mine Warfare Vessels

ACMAuxiliary Mine Layer
AMcCoastal Minesweeper
AMCUCoastal Minesweeper Underwater Locator
AMSMotor Minesweepers Ship
CMMine Layer
CMcCoastal Mine Layer
DMDestroyer Minelayer
DMSDestroyer Minesweeper
EMSFFleet Minesweeper (steel hull) (Experimental)
MCMMine Countermeasures Ship
MCSMine Countermeasures Support Ship
MHCCoastal Minehunter
MMFleet Minelayer
MMCCoastal Minelayer
MMDFast Minelayer (from 1968)
MMFFleet Minelayer
MSCCoastal Minesweeper
MSC(O)Coastal Minesweeper (Old)
MSFFleet Minesweeper (steel hull)
MSIInshore Minesweeper
MSOOcean Minesweeper (non-magnetic)
YMSMotor Mine Sweeper


Patrol Craft

AGEHPatrol Research Ship (Hydrofoil)
EPCERPatrol Rescue Escort (Experimental)
PCSubmarine Chaser (WWII)
PCPatrol Craft Coastal
PCCControl Submarine Chaser
PCEPatrol Escort (steel hulled)
PCE(R)Patrol Rescue Escort
PCECControl Patrol Escort
PCHPatrol Craft Hydrofoil
PCSSubmarine Chaser
PCSCControl Submarine Chaser
PEEagle (Patrol) Boat
PFPatrol Escort or Frigate
PGGunboat Corvette (1942-43)
PGHPatrol Gunboat (Hydrofoil)
PGM / (PG after 1967)Motor Gunboat
PHMPatrol Combatant-Missile (Hydrofoil)
PRRiver Gunboat (Yangtze River Patrol)
PTMotor Torpedo Boat
PYPatrol Vessel, Converted Yacht
PYcPatrol Vessel, Converted Yacht Coastal
SPScout (Section) Patrol Craft (WW I)
TBTorpedo Boat



ABCrane Ship (converted BB)
ABSDAdvance Base Sectional Dock
ADDestroyer Tender
ADGDegaussing Ship
AEAmmunition Ship
AFStore Ship (Refrigerated)
AFDBAuxiliary Floating Dry Dock, Large
AFDLSmall Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock
AFDMMedium Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock
AFSCombat Store Ship
AGMiscellaneous Auxiliary
AGDEEscort Research Ship
AGDSDeep Submergence Support Ship
AGEREnvironmental Research Ship
AGFMiscellaneous Command Ship
AGMMissile Range Instrumentation Ship
AGMRMajor Communication Relay Ship
AGOROceanographic Research Ship
AGPMotor Torpedo Boat Tender
AGRRadar Picket Ship
AGSSurvey Ship
AGScCoastal Survey Ship
AGTRTechnical Research Ship
AHHospital Ship
AKCargo Ship
AKDCargo Ship Dock
AKLLight Cargo Ship
AKNNet Cargo Ship
AKRVehicle Cargo Ship
AKSGeneral Stores Issue Ship
AKVCargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry
ANNet Laying Ship (to 1968)
ANLNet Laying Ship (from 1968)
AOOiler (fuel oil)
AOEFast Combat Support Ship
AOGGasoline Tanker
AORReplenishment Oiler
APTransport (troops)
APBSelf-propelled Barracks Ship
APcSmall Coastal Transport Ship
APDHigh Speed Transport
APHTransport (Wounded)
APLBarracks Ship
APMMechanized Artillery Transport
APRRescue Transport
APVTransport and Aircraft Ferry
ARRepair Ship
ARBBattle Damage Repair Ship
ARCCable Repairing or Laying Ship
ARDAuxiliary Repair Drydock
ARDCRepair Drydock, Concrete
ARDMMedium Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock
ARGInternal Combustion Engine Repair Ship
ARHHeavy Hull Repair Ship
ARLLanding Craft Repair Ship
ARSSalvage Ship
ARSDSalvage Lifting Ship
ARS(T)Salvage Craft Tender
ARVAircraft Repair Ship
ARV(A)Aircraft Repair Ship (airframe)
ARV(E)Aircraft Repair Ship (engine)
ASSubmarine Tender
ASRSubmarine Rescue Ship
ATTug (ocean going)
ATAAuxiliary Ocean Tug
ATFFleet Ocean Tug
ATOOcean Tug, Old
ATRRescue Ocean Tug
ATSSalvage and Rescue Ship
AVSeaplane Tender
AVBAdvance Aviation Base Ship
AVDSeaplane Tender (destroyer)
AVGAircraft Escort Vessel
AVMGuided Missile Ship
AVPSmall Seaplane Tender
AVSAviation Supply Ship
AWDistilling Ship
AZAirship Tender
EAGMiscellaneous Auxiliary (Experimental)
T-AEMilitary Sealift Command Ammunition Ship
T-AFMilitary Sealift Command Store Ship (Refrigerated)
T-AFSMilitary Sealift Command Combat Store Ship
T-AGMilitary Sealift Command Miscellaneous Auxiliary
T-AGMMilitary Sealift Command Missile Range Instrumentation Ship
T-AGORMilitary Sealift Command Oceanographic Research Ship
T-AGOSMilitary Sealift Command Ocean Surveillance Ship
T-AGSMilitary Sealift Command Survey Ship
T-AHMilitary Sealift Command Hospital Ship
T-AKMilitary Sealift Command Cargo Ship
T-AKAMilitary Sealift Command Attack Cargo Ship
T-AKEMilitary Sealift Command Dry Cargo/Ammunition Ship
T-AKRMilitary Sealift Command Vehicle Cargo Ship
T-AKVMilitary Sealift Command Cargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry
T-AOMilitary Sealift Command Fleet Oiler
T-AOGMilitary Sealift Command Fleet Gasoline Tanker
T-AOTMilitary Sealift Command Fleet Oil Tanker
T-APMilitary Sealift Command Transport (Troops)
T-ARCMilitary Sealift Command Cable Repairing or Laying Ship
T-ARSMilitary Sealift Command Salvage Ship
T-ARVHMilitary Sealift Command Aircraft Repair Ship, Helicopter
T-ATFMilitary Sealift Command 226-ft Ocean Going Tug
T-LSTMilitary Sealift Command Tank Landing Ship
T-MLPMilitary Sealift Command Mobile Landing Platform Ship


"Unclassified Miscellaneous"

IXUnclassified Miscellaneous Vessel


Coast Guard

BoatCoast Guard Boat (Less Than 64 feet in Length)
CGCCoast Guard Cutter (pre 1942)
CGDCoast Guard Destroyer (1924-1934)
FerryCoast Guard Ferry
Revenue CutterCoast Guard Revenue Cutter
WACVCoast Guard Air Cushion Vehicle
WAGCoast Guard Miscellaneous Auxiliary
WAGBCoast Guard Icebreaker
WAGCCoast Guard Amphibious Force Flagship
WAGECoast Guard Examination Vessel (?)
WAGLCoast Guard Lighthouse Tender
WAGOCoast Guard Oceanographic Cutter
WAGRCoast Guard Radar Picket Ship
WAKCoast Guard Cargo Ship
WAOCoast Guard Oiler (fuel oil)
WARCCoast Guard Cable Repairing or Laying Ship
WATCoast Guard Tug (ocean going)
WATFCoast Guard Fleet Ocean Tug
WATOCoast Guard Ocean Tug, Old
WAVPCoast Guard Small Seaplane Tender
WDECoast Guard Destroyer Escort
WHECCoast Guard High Endurance Cutter
WIXCoast Guard Unclassified Miscellaneous Vessel
WLBCoast Guard Seagoing Buoy Tender
WLBBCoast Guard 240 ft Buoy Tender and Icebreaker
WLICoast Guard 65ft / 100ft Inland Buoy Tender
WLICCoast Guard 75ft / 100ft / 160ft Inland Construction Tender
WLMCoast Guard Coastal Buoy Tender
WLRCoast Guard Coastal Buoy Tender
WLVCoast Guard Lightship
WMECCoast Guard Medium Endurance Cutter
WMEHCoast Guard Hydrofoil Patrol Craft
WMLBCoast Guard 52 ft Motor Lifeboat
WMSLCoast Guard 418 ft Maritime Security Cutter, Large
WMSPCoast Guard Maritime Security, Polar
WPBCoast Guard Patrol Craft
WPCCoast Guard Submarine Chaser
WPFCoast Guard Patrol Escort or Frigate
WPGCoast Guard Gunboat
WPGHCoast Guard Patrol Craft (Hydrofoil)
WPRCoast Guard River Gunboat
WSCCoast Guard Patrol Craft
WSESCoast Guard Test Craft
WTGBCoast Guard 140 ft Icebreaking Tug
WTRCoast Guard Training Vessel
WYPCoast Guard 100-foot Patrol Boat
WYTCoast Guard 110-foot Harbor Tug
WYTLCoast Guard 65-foot Harbor Tug
WYTMCoast Guard 110-foot Tug, Medium



(None)Vessels with no designation
Austrian BattleshipAustrian Battleship
Auxiliary CruiserAuxiliary Cruiser
CCCommand Ship
CofEUS Army Corps of Engineers
ExperimentalExperimental Ships
FSFFast Sea Frame
German BattleshipGerman Battleship
Hospital ShipHospital Ship
NOTSNaval Overseas Transport Service Ship (WW I)
Old FrigateOld Frigate
Patrol YachtPatrol Yacht
Sail FrigateSail Frigate
Screw SloopScrew Sloop
Screw SteamerScrew Steamer
Second Class BattleshipSecond Class Battleship
Ship of the LineShip of the Line
Sloop of WarSloop of War
Steam SloopSteam Sloop
Steel BarkSteel Bark
Survey ShipSurvey Ship
Troop TransportTroop Transport
TTTroop Transport (WW I)
WYTCoast Guard Harbor Tug
YAGMiscellaneous Auxiliary
YAGROcean Station Radar Ship
YDGDegaussing Ship
YDTDiving Tender
YFCovered Lighter
YFB Ferryboat or Launch
YFDYard Floating Dry Dock
YFNBLarge Covered Lighter
YFPFloating Power Barge
YHAmbulance Boat
YHBYard House Boat
YMLCSalvage Lifting Craft Medium
YMSMotor Mine Sweeper
YNNet Tender (boom)
YNgNet Tender (gate vessel)
YOFuel Oil Barge
YOGGasoline Barge
YPPatrol Craft
YRFloating Workshop
YRBMRepair, Berthing and Messing Barge
YTHarbor Tug
YTBLarge Harbor Tug
YTMMedium Harbor Tug
YVDrone Aircraft Catapult Control Ship
YWWater Barge



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