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The following ships have designation:  ARC  -  Cable Repairing or Laying Ship


Hull NumberShip Name
2 NEPTUNE T-ARC 2 ex ARC 2 ex US Army Cable Ship William H. G. Bullard (MC Hull No. 1108)
3 AEOLUS T-ARC 3 ex ARC 3 ex AKA 47 (MC Hull No. 1908)
4 THOR T-ARC 4 ex ARC 4 ex AKA 49 (MC Hull No. 1910)
5 YAMACRAW ARC 5 ex WARC 333 ex ACM 9 ex US Army Mine Planter Maj.Gen. Arthur Murray
6 ALBERT J. MYER T-ARC 6 ex ARC 6 ex US Army Cable Ship Albert J. Meyer (MC Hull No. 1109)
7 ZEUS T-ARC 7 ex ARC 7


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