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This index lists entries in the Naval Bases and Installations category.


Navy 152 Tulagi
Navy 154 Curacao NWI
Aircraft Base Force U.S. Fleet
Annapolis Naval Academy, Annapolis MD
Antarctica - Little America
Antarctica - U.S.N. Byrd Station
Antarctica - McMurdo Station
Antarctica - U.S.N. Pole Station
Antarctica - Palmer Station
Antarctica - Ross Ice Shelf Survey
Atlantic Fleet Service School, Virginia Beach Virginia
Combat Aircraft Service Unit
Defense Force Section Base Staten Island, N. Y.
Destroyer Base San Diego California
Fleet Activities Chinhae Korea
Fleet Air Base Pearl Harbor Hawaii
Fleet Branch Norfolk, Virginia
Fleet Logistics Center Singapore
Fleet Post Office Honolulu, Hawaii / Fleet Mail Center, Pearl Harbor HI
Fleet Post Office Portland, Maine
Fleet Training Base San Clemente California
Hawaii Sea Forces
Headquarters 8th Naval District New Orleans Louisiana
Headquarters 10th Naval District San Juan Puerto Rico
Kwajalein Islands, Marshall Islands
Labor Service Unit Baker, Germany
Landing Craft Boat Pool
LST-LSM Shakedown Office
Mare Island Naval Shipyard
Marine Barracks Guantanamo Bay Cuba
Marine Barracks League Island Philadelphia PA
Marine Barracks Mare Island Vallejo CA
Marine Base, Midway Islands
Marine Base, Port au Prince, Haiti
Marine Base, San Diego California
Marine Detatchment American Embassy Peiping China
Marine Detachment American Legation Peiping China
Marine Detachment Argentia Newfoundland
Marine Detachment Bermuda
Marine Detachment Trinidad
Midshipman School, NY NY
Naval Air Detachment Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Naval Air Station Alameda California
Naval Air Station Arcata California
Naval Air Station Argentia Newfoundland
Naval Air Station Boston Massachusetts
Naval Air Station Brooklyn New York
Naval Air Station Cape May New Jersey
Naval Air Station Coco Solo Canal Zone
Naval Air Station Cocoa Florida
Naval Air Station Corpus Christi Texas
Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba
Naval Air Station Hutchinson Kansas
Naval Air Station Jacksonville Florida
Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay Hawaii
Naval Air Station Kodiak Alaska
Naval Air Station Lakehurst New Jersey
Naval Air Station Miami Florida
Naval Air Station Midway Islands
Naval Air Station Moffett Field CA
Naval Air Station Norfolk Virginia
Naval Air Station Pearl Harbor Hawaii (Ford Island)
Naval Air Station Pensacola Florida
Naval Air Station San Diego California
Naval Air Station San Juan Puerto Rico
Naval Air Station Santa Clara County California
Naval Air Station Seattle Washington
Naval Air Station Sitka Alaska
Naval Air Station Terminal Island California
Naval Air Station Trinidad
Naval Air Technical Training Center, Ward Island, Corpus Christi, TX
Naval Armory Detroit Michigan
Naval Base Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Naval Districts - No. 1 thru No. 20
First Naval District
Second Naval District
Third Naval District
Fourth Naval District
Bureau of Medicine & Surgery, USN Dept.
Naval Fleet Hospital (Various)
Naval Hospital Aiea Hawaii
Naval Hospital Annapolis Maryland
Naval Hospital Boston Massachusetts
Naval Hospital Canacao Philippines
Naval Hospital Jacksonville Florida
Naval Hospital League Island Pennsylvania
Naval Hospital Long Beach California
Naval Hospital Mare Island California
Naval Hospital Newport Rhode Island
Naval Hospital Norfolk Virginia
Naval Hospital Pearl Harbor Hawaii
Naval Hospital San Diego California
Naval Hospital Vallejo California
Naval Hospital Washington D.C.
Naval Hospital Yosemite Lodge
Naval Mine Depot Station Yorktown Virginia
Naval Mobile Base Hospital Number One
Naval Mobile Base Hospital Number Two
Naval Operations Base Adak Alaska
Naval Operations Base Argentia Newfoundland
Naval Operations Base Bermuda
Naval Operations Base Balboa Canal Zone
Naval Operations Base Guantanamo Bay Cuba
Naval Operations Base Midway Island
Naval Operations Base Pearl Harbor Hawaii
Naval Operations Base Trinidad
Naval Patrol Station Cristobal CZ
Naval Radio School Corpus Christi, Texas
Naval Repair Base San Diego California
Naval Reserve Aviation Base Glenview Illinois
Naval Reserve Midshipmens School New York New York
Naval Reserve Radio & Signal School Los Angeles CA
Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba
Naval Station Gaunt Bay New York NY
Naval Station Manchester Washington
Naval Station Olongapo Philippine Islands
Naval Station Pelham Bay New York WWI
Naval Station Luke Field, Ford Island, Hawaii
Naval Station Pearl Harbor Hawaii
Naval Station Port Hueneme California
Naval Station San Pedro California
Naval Supply Center Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Naval Supply Depot Bayonne New Jersey
Naval Support Activity Souda Bay Crete
Naval Support Element Lisbon Portugal
Naval Torpedo Station Keyport Washington
Naval Training Camp Hingham, Massachusetts
Naval Training and Distribution Center Williamsburg VA (Camp Peary)
Naval Training School Aviation Mechanic Br. Memphis, Tennessee
Naval Training School Br. Oxford, Ohio
Naval Training School Diesel Sta. Columbia, Missouri
Naval Training School Electrical Sta. Minneapolis, Minnesota
Naval Training School Electrical Sta. St. Louis, Missouri
Naval Training School Machinist Mate Sta. Lawrence, Kansas
Naval Training School Naval Armory Sta. Toledo, Ohio
Naval Training School Radio Br. Bedford, Pennsylvania
Naval Training School Signal Sta. Indianapolis, Indiana
Naval Training School Sta. Ithaca, New York
Naval Training School Sta. Morehead, Kentucky
Naval Training School Sta. Notre Dame, Indiana
Naval Training School Sta. Princeton, New Jersey
Naval Training School Sta. Wahpeton, North Dakota
Naval Training School Stillwater, Oklahoma
Naval Training School (Yeomen) Bloomington Indiana
Naval Training Station, Bainbridge, Sta. Port Deposit, Maryland
Naval Training Station Rhode Island
Naval Training Station San Diego California
Navy Amphibious Training Base Ft Pierce Florida
Navy Base, Guam
Navy Base, Japan, Yokosuka
Navy Base, Northern Mariana Islands, Saipan
Navy Base, Philippines, Subic Bay
Navy Floating Drydock Training Center Tiburon CA
Navy Mine Warfare School Yorktown VA
Navy Purchasing Office Shanghai China
Navy Radio School Corpus Christi, Texas
Naval Radio Compass Station, Cape Lookout, Harkers Island, NC
Navy Receiving Station Philippines
Navy Receiving Station San Pedro California
Navy Supply Depot Philippines
Navy Yard Boston, Massachusetts
Navy Yard Bremerton, Washington
Navy Yard Brooklyn, New York
Navy Yard Cavite Philippines
Navy Yard Charleston South Carolina
Navy Yard Guam M. I.
Navy Yard Guantanamo Bay Cuba
Navy Yard Norfolk, Virginia
Navy Yard Pearl Harbor Hawaii
Navy Yard Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Navy Yard Portsmouth New Hampshire and Naval Prison
Navy Yard Portsmouth Virginia
Navy Yard Puget Sound Washington
Navy Yard San Diego California
Navy Yard Tutuila Samoa
Pearl Harbor Mail Center
Pearl Harbor Receiving Station
Pole Station Antarctica
Section Base Bishop's Point Oahu Hawaii
Section Base Eureka California
Section Base Hilo Hawaii
Section Base Kahului Maui Hawaii
Submarine Base San Pedro California
Submarine Base Coco Solo Canal Zone
Submarine Base Groton Connecticut
Submarine Base New London Connecticut
Submarine Base Kings Bay Georgia
Submarine Base Pearl Harbor (and Honolulu) Hawaii
Submarine Base St. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands)
V12 Navy College Training Program



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