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Historical Note
Fleet Activities, Chinhae had its origin as a U.S. Naval Advisory Group in 1946. This Command was subsequently established as a detachment of the Naval Component of the U.S. Naval Advisory Group for the Republic of Korea. Upon reorganization in July 1969, the Command became the first Fleet Detachment, Naval Station, JUSMAG-K. In 1972, the Command was reorganized as the Chinhae Facility. U.S. Naval Forces Korea and Fleet Detachment, Naval Section, JUSMAG-K broke out to become a tenant activity. The activity, renamed in 1972 as Field Logistics Center, Chinhae, was disestablished in 1988. Chinhae Facility was reorganized as Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Korea Detachment, Chinhae in 1978. Reorganization in 1984 established Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae with Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Detachment Chinhae as a tenant activity.


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c 1984

Unit Crest




Locy Type 11
FPO AP 96269

Cover postmarked for -
USNS Sacagawea T-AKE-2

From the Foster E. Miller III collection.



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