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Coast Guard

BoatCoast Guard Boat (Less Than 64 feet in Length)
CGCCoast Guard Cutter (pre 1942)
CGDCoast Guard Destroyer (1924-1934)
Unnamed 83 Foot Patrol BoatCG Unnamed 83 Foot Patrol Boat
FerryCoast Guard Ferry
Revenue CutterCoast Guard Revenue Cutter
WACVCoast Guard Air Cushion Vehicle
WAGCoast Guard Miscellaneous Auxiliary
WAGBCoast Guard Icebreaker
WAGCCoast Guard Amphibious Force Flagship
WAGECoast Guard Examination Vessel (?)
WAGLCoast Guard Lighthouse Tender
WAGOCoast Guard Oceanographic Cutter
WAGRCoast Guard Radar Picket Ship
WAKCoast Guard Cargo Ship
WAOCoast Guard Oiler (fuel oil)
WARCCoast Guard Cable Repairing or Laying Ship
WATCoast Guard Tug (ocean going)
WATFCoast Guard Fleet Ocean Tug
WATOCoast Guard Ocean Tug, Old
WAVPCoast Guard Small Seaplane Tender
WDECoast Guard Destroyer Escort
WHECCoast Guard High Endurance Cutter
WIXCoast Guard Unclassified Miscellaneous Vessel
WLBCoast Guard Seagoing Buoy Tender
WLBBCoast Guard 240 ft Buoy Tender and Icebreaker
WLICoast Guard 65ft / 100ft Inland Buoy Tender
WLICCoast Guard 75ft / 100ft / 160ft Inland Construction Tender
WLMCoast Guard Coastal Buoy Tender
WLRCoast Guard Coastal Buoy Tender
WLVCoast Guard Lightship
WMECCoast Guard Medium Endurance Cutter
WMEHCoast Guard Hydrofoil Patrol Craft
WMLBCoast Guard 52 ft Motor Lifeboat
WMSLCoast Guard 418 ft Maritime Security Cutter, Large
WMSMCoast Guard 360 ft Offshore Patrol Cutter
WPBCoast Guard Patrol Craft
WPBHCoast Guard Patrol Craft (Hydrofoil)
WPCCoast Guard Submarine Chaser
WPFCoast Guard Patrol Escort or Frigate
WPGCoast Guard Gunboat
WPRCoast Guard River Gunboat
WPSCCoast Guard Polar Security Cutter
WSCCoast Guard Patrol Craft
WSESCoast Guard Test Craft
WTGBCoast Guard 140 ft Icebreaking Tug
WTRCoast Guard Training Vessel
WYPCoast Guard 100-foot Patrol Boat
WYTCoast Guard 110-foot Harbor Tug
WYTLCoast Guard 65-foot Harbor Tug
WYTMCoast Guard 110-foot Tug, Medium