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This index lists U.S. Naval Vessels in alphabetical order. There is one page for each letter of the alphabet and each page will list all the vessels whose name starts with that letter.

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Note that if a ship's name consists of more than one word, it is alphabetized under the first letter of the first word. For example: USS George Washington CVN-73 would be listed under "G" rather than "W". Names which embody prefixes (example: DE HAVEN, DES MOINES) are listed as if they were one word. In a compound name, the space between the words counts as a character in arranging the names in alphabetical order, except for prefixes as noted above. The space sorts ahead of all letters of the alphabet. Finally, there are ships variously named either SAINT xxx or ST. xxx. All are alphabetized as if they were spelled SAINT xxx.
Postmarks are not supposed to abbreviate or truncate ship names, but sometimes they do. For these cases, an entry may be added to the index for the abbreviated / truncated name but pointing to the page associated with the correct form of the name.


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