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The Museum collection consists of scanned images of Naval Covers or parts of Naval Covers. The images are grouped into various categories and accessed via the following indexes:

  1. U.S. Ships - By Name
  2. All ships are listed in alphabetical order. For each ship, images are provided for the various postmarks used by the ship as well as for covers associated with the ship.
  3. U.S. Ships - By Designation
  4. All ships are listed by their designation and hull number. Ultimately you end up at the same page for a given ship as you would by using the "By Name" index.
  5. Cachets - By Maker
  6. Naval Covers grouped by cachet maker. Cachet makers are the people or organizations who sponsored, directed, designed, and/or drew the cachets that appear on the cover.
  7. Covers - By Category
  8. Naval Covers grouped by category. Examples of categories are: Ship Commissioning, Christmas, Fleet Problem, etc. Naval Covers in these categories should either have a cachet or some other relevance to the given category (eg, killer bar text).
  9. Other U.S. Navy
  10. Naval Covers related to the U.S. Navy that do not fit into the above indexes. Examples are Navy bases or installations, Air Ships, Receiving Ships, Scouting Fleet, Air Groups, etc.
  11. United States Marine Corps
  12. U. S. Marine Corps covers related to the various Fleet Marine Forces (FMF) bases or installations.
  13. United States Coast Guard
  14. U. S. Coast Guard covers from ships, stations, lighthouses, Army manned vessels & Navy manned vessels.
  15. Non-U.S. Naval Covers
  16. Naval Covers related to non-U.S. ships or locations.
  17. Fakes, Forgeries and Frauds
  18. A list of individuals that created fake Naval Covers, cachets and/or postmarks.
  19. U.S. Ships - Classics
  20. All ships are listed in alphabetical order.


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