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Ship Name and Designation History

This section lists the names and designations that the ship had during its lifetime. The list is in chronological order.

    Garcia Class Destroyer Escort
    Keel Laid November 21 1963 - Launched February 4 1965

  1. USS VOGE DE-1047
    Commissioned November 25 1966

  2. USS VOGE FF-1047
    Reclassified Frigate (FF) June 30 1975
    Decommissioned September 23 1989

    Struck from Naval Register December 15 1992
    Sold July 25 1995 for scrap

Naval Covers

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  1. Voge Covers Page 1    (1965-89)



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Bay City MI


Beck Cachet


Locy Type
FDC 2(n+)


As DE-1047
First Day in Commission, cachet by Morris W. Beck.


Locy Type
2(n+) (USS)


As DE-1047

Locy Type
2-1(n+) (USS)

USCS Catalog


As FF-1047

Locy Type
LDC 2-1(n+)


As FF-1047
Last Day in Commission

Locy Type
LDC 9-1(n+u)


As FF-1047
Last Day in Commission


Other Information

Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons...
Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation w/ 1 star - CG Meritorious Unit Commendation w/ 1 star - Navy Battle "E" Ribbon (3) - Navy Expeditionary Medal - National Defense Service Medal - Humanitarian Service Ribbon - Sea Service Deployment Ribbon w/ 3 stars - CG Special Operations Service Ribbon w/ 3 stars

NAMESAKE - Richard George Voge USN (May 4 1904 - 1949)
Voge completed the course at Harrison Technical High School in Chicago in 1921 and entered the Naval Academy later that year. He graduated on June 4 1925 and received his Ensign's commission. His first assignment, three years in USS PITTSBURGH CA-4, took him first to European waters for a year when his ship served as the flagship for the Commander, Naval Forces, Europe. During the last two years of that tour, he cruised the western Pacific while PITTSBURGH carried the flag of the CinC, Asiatic Fleet. That cruise afforded Voge his first hint of action in April and May of 1927 when Nationalist Chinese attempted to take Shanghai from the hands of the foreign forces which held the city. Voge served with the landing forces put ashore to deter the attack. Though the Chinese quickly captured the native sections of the city, they demurred at taking on the American and European forces protecting the International Settlement. In early 1929, Voge returned to the United States from the Far East to attend the Submarine School at New London, Conn. After completing that course and qualifying for submarine duty, he spent the bulk of his remaining time at sea in submarines. In January 1931, he went to the Far East to serve in USS S-29 until June 1932 when he returned to the United States for war plans and intelligence training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. That assignment lasted from July 1932 to September 1933 when he became an instructor in marine engineering at the Naval Academy. In June 1935, Voge assumed command of USS S-18 at Pearl Harbor. He remained in Hawaii, in command, first of S-18 until May 1937, and then of USS S-33 until June 1937 when he departed in the latter submarine, bound for the east coast. S-33 was decommissioned at Philadelphia in August 1937, and Voge was reassigned to the Naval Ordnance Plant at Baldwin, Long Island. A four-month tour of duty as commissioning executive officer of USS ROWAN DD-405 from late September 1939 to late January 1940 followed the two years ashore at Baldwin. In mid-February 1940, Comdr. Voge returned to the Asiatic Fleet and assumed command of USS SEALION SS-195, based at Cavite in the Philippines, and commanded that submarine until the opening day of American participation in World War II. At the outbreak of hostilities on December 8 1941, Voge suffered the double ignominy of having his command caught in overhaul and, three days later, of losing her to enemy bombs while still at Cavite Navy Yard. Voge recovered from that blow, assumed command of USS SAILFISH SS-192 on December 17, and led her on five successful war patrols during the first eight months of 1942. Until the Battles of Coral Sea and of Midway in May and June, respectively, only Pacific Fleet submarines like SAILFISH were able to fight to impede the Japanese onslaught; and their war patrols provided the one bright spot for the Allied cause in the Pacific. In August 1942, upon the completion of his fifth war patrol, Voge received orders to join the staff of Commander, Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet, as operations and combat intelligence officer. He retained that position, in which he was promoted to Captain to date from July 20 1943, until late in the war, when he was ordered to Washington, D.C., to serve in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. On November 1 1946, Capt. Voge was retired from the Navy and advanced to the rank of Rear Admiral. A little over two years later, Rear Admiral Voge died at the United Hospital at Port Chester, N.Y.



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