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Covers should be listed in chronological order. Use the postmark date or best guess.

Each entry provides a link to the image of the front of the cover. There is also the option to have a link to the image of the back of the cover if there is anything of significance there. Finally, there is the primary date for the cover and the classification types for all postmarks based on the Locy System.


Thumbnail Link To Cachet Close-Up Image Thumbnail Link To
Full Cover Front Image
Thumbnail Link To
Postmark or Back Image
Primary Date
Postmark Type
Killer Bar Text
Cachet Category



Locy Type 3
"------ / P H T H"
U.S. Submarine Base / Pearl Harbor

Sailor's mail

From the Paul Huber collection.


Locy Type 3
Submarine Division Fourteen / Battle Fleet


"In May 1931 eleven of these submarines moved to the Philadelphia Navy Yard, where they were decommissioned and placed in reserve (the other nine boats remained active). The mail clerk of Submarine Division Fourteen, Battle Fleet produced commemorative covers for these events. The name of each submarine was given in the killer bars of the cancel. Once again, the division post office was not aboard each boat; it was located at the yard along with the staff of the division." USCS Postmark Catalog, 5th Edition.



Locy Type CD-Z5

Censored, Sailor's mail

From the Paul Huber collection.




Locy Type 7z

Official mail

From the Paul Huber collection.



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