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Covers should be listed in chronological order. Use the postmark date or best guess.

Each entry provides a link to the image of the front of the cover. There is also the option to have a link to the image of the back of the cover if there is anything of significance there. Finally, there is the primary date for the cover and the classification types for all postmarks based on the Locy System.


Thumbnail Link To Cachet Close-Up Image Thumbnail Link To
Full Cover Front Image
Thumbnail Link To
Postmark or Back Image
Primary Date
Postmark Type
Killer Bar Text
Cachet Category


No Image

JonBurdett pocono agc16 19460820.jpg
JonBurdett pocono agc16 19460820 pm2.jpg

Locy Type 2(n)
Locy Type 9ef(nu)




JonBurdett pocono agc16 19490515 cach.jpg
JonBurdett pocono lcc16 19490515.jpg
JonBurdett pocono lcc16 19490515 back.jpg

Locy Type LDPS 2(n)

Last Day Postal Service

Nicholson Cachet...Back pencil notations ship/cancel info...Black rubberstamp T. G. Nicholson return address


JonBurdett thuban aka19 19510507 cach.jpg
JonBurdett pocono agc16 19510824.jpg
JonBurdett pocono agc16 19510824 pm.jpg

Locy Type FDPS 2r

First Day Postal Service



No Image

JonBurdett pocono agc16 19520125.jpg
JonBurdett pocono agc16 19520125 pm.jpg

Locy Type 2r




JonBurdett pocono agc16 19550214 cc.jpg
JonBurdett pocono agc16 19550214.jpg
JonBurdett pocono agc16 19550214 pm.jpg

Locy Type 2r 1956

Official Business



JonBurdett pocono agc16 19550312 cach.jpg
JonBurdett pocono agc16 19550312.jpg
JonBurdett pocono agc16 19550312 pm2.jpg

Locy Type 2r 1956
Locy Type 9efu 1956

Amphibious Force



JonBurdett pocono agc16 19670305 cach.jpg
JonBurdett pocono agc16 19670305.jpg
JonBurdett pocono agc16 19670305 pm2.jpg

Locy Type 2t(n+u) (USS)
Locy Type 9efu 1956

Welcome to Norfolk USS FAIRVIEW E-PCE(R)-850




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