Tutorial 2f: Editing the Other Information section

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Modifying this section of a ship's main page is optional.
To add information about the ship to its main page, do the following:

  1. First you need to display the Test Ship Index Page. Right click on the link and open it in a new window or tab.
  2. Click on the link for the ship you are working on in order to display its main page. In the tutorial, we are using SHIP2 but you should click on the link for the ship you are working on.
  3. On the ship's main page, click the "[edit]" link at the far right of the line with "Other Information". This will display only that section in edit mode.
    << Image showing the link to edit just the "Other Information" section of the ship's main page.


    << Image showing the Other Information section in edit mode.


  4. Look for the following line: (it should be the second line from the top)
    This section lists any other information that might be relevant to this ship.

  5. Delete that line and add whatever information you wanted to convey. If the line has already been replaced with other real informatino, leave the existing text as is and add your text below it. If you need a blank line to separate different types of information, just leave a line blank (yes, it's that easy).
    You can also add page links to external pages containing relevant information about the ship - such as to the ship's page in the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS). See Tutorial 1b: An introduction to page links for a refresher on page links.
    IMPORTANT DO NOT ADD COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL WITHOUT PERMISSION. If it exists on the web, just add a page link to it rather than copy it here.
  6. To get some practice, go ahead and copy the text inside the following box and paste it into the edit text box for your ship's Other Information section.
    This ship is completely fictional and only used for purposes of the Museum tutorials. 
    Hopefully nobody would be so totally  unimaginative as to give such a name to a ship.
    Here is a link to [http://www.hazegray.org/danfs/ Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships] (DANFS).

    << Image showing the Other Information section with added text.


  7. Preview the changes and then save them.
    << Image showing the Other Information section after the changes are saved.


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