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In April 1948 the U. S. Navy established two helicopter squadrons and designated them Helicopter Utility Squadron ONE (HU-1) and Helicopter Utility Squadron TWO (HU-2). In 1950, the training element of HU-2 was moved from the squadron's location at Naval Air Station Lakehurst in New Jersey to Naval Air Station Ellyson Field near Pensacola FL.
On 3 December 1950 that training element was formally established as Helicopter Training Unit ONE (HTU-1). HTU-1 employed a number of early helicopters training fixed wing aviators to fly helicopters. Among those helicopters were the Piasecki HUP Retriever, the Sikorsky HO3S-1 Horse and various versions of the Bell HTL Sioux helicopter. In 1957, the Navy changed the designation system it used to identify aircraft training units and in March 1957, HTU-1 was re-designated Helicopter Training Group ONE (HTG-1). HTG-1 continued to use the HUP and the HTL helicopters and added the HO4S-3 and HRS series Chickasaw Helicopters. In July 1960, the designation system was again changed and on 1 July 1960 HTG-1 was re-designated as the eighth training squadron of the then Naval Air Basic Training Command bearing the designation; Helicopter Training Squadron EIGHT (HT-8).


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