Locy Type Comparison Chart

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Type Example
1 Ohio type1 example.jpg
2 Proserpine type2 example.jpg
3 (AC-TBT) Saratoga type3 example.jpg
5s Mindanao type5s example.jpg
6 Arizona type6 example.jpg
7 California type7 example.jpg
8 SanFrancisco type8 example.jpg
9 Lexington type9 example.jpg
10ef (USS) KittyHawk type10 example.jpg
AP 96679-1498)
Thach type11 example.jpg
AP 96679-1498)
Thach type12 example.jpg
AP 96663-1711)
Dubuque typeF cd9 example.jpg

Note: There is no Type 4 postmark. All images are to scale but twice normal size.


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