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Ship Name and Designation History

This section lists the names and designations that the ship had during its lifetime. The list is in chronological order.

    LT. James E. Robinson Class Cargo Ship
    Keel Laid November 25 1943 as "SS CZECHOSLOVAKIA VICTORY"
    Launched January 20 1944 Owned by the Maritime Commission but delivered to American-Hawaiian
        Steamship Corp., March 11 1944 for operation under contract to the WSA
    Chartered to Black Diamond Steamship Corp. August 8 1946
    Laid up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet November 17 1947
    Withdrawn from reserve and loaned to the War Department May 3 1948

    Commissioned May 3 1948 - Decommissioned March 1 1950

    Acquired by the US Navy March 1 1950
    Placed in service by MSTS as Aircraft Transport (T-AKV-3) March 1 1950

    Reclassified Miscellaneous Auxiliary, cable transport ship (T-AG-170) December 1962

    Redesignated Cargo Ship (T-AK-274) July 1 1964
    Placed out of service, date unknown

    Transferred to MARAD March 17 1976 for lay up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet
    Struck from the Naval Register January 16 1981
    Sold for scrapping May 26 1983
JamesERobinson Crest.jpg

Naval Covers

This section lists active links to the pages displaying covers associated with the ship. There should be a separate set of pages for each name of the ship (for example, Bushnell AG-32 / Sumner AGS-5 are different names for the same ship so there should be one set of pages for Bushnell and one set for Sumner). Covers should be presented in chronological order (or as best as can be determined).

Since a ship may have many covers, they may be split among many pages so it doesn't take forever for the pages to load. Each page link should be accompanied by a date range for covers on that page.

  1. Covers Page 1     (1964)



This section lists examples of the postmarks used by the ship. There should be a separate set of postmarks for each name and/or commissioning period. Within each set, the postmarks should be listed in order of their classification type. If more than one postmark has the same classification, then they should be further sorted by date of earliest known usage.

A postmark should not be included unless accompanied by a close-up image and/or an image of a cover showing that postmark. Date ranges MUST be based ONLY ON COVERS IN THE MUSEUM and are expected to change as more covers are added.
>>> If you have a better example for any of the postmarks, please feel free to replace the existing example.


Postmark Type
Killer Bar Text

Date From
Date To
Thumbnail Link To
Postmark Image
Thumbnail Link To
Cover Image

No Postmarks Reported


Type 2

APO 23

US Army /
US Air Force /
Postal Service


GregCiesielski LtJamesERobinson TAK274 19640730 1 Front.jpg


R/S cachet for the 1964 Arctic Operations


Other Information

USNS LT. JAMES E. ROBINSON earned the National Defense Service Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal (w/ 1 Campaign star) and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal during her Naval career.

NAMESAKE - First Lieutenant James E. Robinson, Jr.,USA (July 10 1918 – April 6 1945)
   Robinson was born In Toledo, Ohio, and was serving as first lieutenant in the U.S. Army near Untergriesheim, Germany, on April 6 1945. Eight hours of desperate fighting over open terrain had decimated Lieutenant Robinson’s company, robbing it of its commanding officer and most key enlisted personnel, when he rallied the remaining 23 riflemen and led them in a charge against the objective. Ten German infantrymen in foxholes threatened to stop the assault, but the gallant leader killed them all at point-blank range. He then pressed on with his men and cleared the area. Ordered then to take the defended town of Kressbach, he went to each of the 19 exhausted survivors, instilling in them renewed courage and fortitude, before leading them forward once more. In the advance he was seriously wounded in the neck by a shell fragment. Refusing medical attention, Lieutenant Robinson continued the attack and directed supporting artillery fire, even though mortally wounded. Only after victory was attained did he leave the command and walk nearly 2 miles to an aid station where he died from his wound. For his intrepid leadership, devotion to duty, and the supreme sacrifice, Lieutenant Robinson was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor on December 11 1945. {DANFS}



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