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The Glossary contains definitions for terms that are significant to Naval Covers.
Basic Page Structure
Each term starts with an HTML comment containing the term being defined. For example,

 <!-- ================ -->
 <!-- Cachet           -->
 <!-- ================ -->

The comment is not visible when the page is displayed in the browser but helps you locate the term when editing the page.
How to add a new term
Find the comment containing the existing term that the new term should precede in order to maintain alphabetical order and then copy and paste the following template above it.

<!-- ================ -->
<!-- TERM             -->
<!-- ================ -->

Change both instances of "TERM" to the new term and change "DESCRIPTION" to whatever is appropriate for the new term.
Don't forget to preview the page before saving it and please add a short description of the change in the Summary text box just above the Save / Show buttons at the bottom of the page. A short description would be something like "added entry for Censor Mark" or "updated entry for Cachet".
To see some examples, just look at how the current terms are coded. If you have questions or run into trouble, contact the Curator for help. You can always Cancel an editing session using the "Cancel" link just to the right of the "Show changes" button at the bottom of the editor screen. For general editing help, see the article on How To Edit Pages.


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