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Cachets should be listed in chronological order based on earliest known usage. Use the postmark date or best guess. This applies to add-on cachets as well.

Chapter Covers

The Stephen Decatur Chapter No. 4 is very prolific and has created many covers since their organization on September 9, 1933. Cachets for this chapter have been created by various artists and efforts are made to identify them. To speed up the time for a page to fully load, they have been separated into smaller year increments starting with the year 1980. This Chapter is based out of Philadelphia, PA and they create covers for US Navy vessels, US Coast Guard vessels and other maritime entities. Please enjoy these covers that show our maritime history.

Cachet Artist and Director is Rich Hoffner unless otherwise stated.

1933-35 1936-59 1960-69 1970-77 1978pg1 1978pg2 1979 1980 1981 1982p1 1982p2 1983 1984 1985 1986p1 1986p2 1986p3 1987 1988
1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994p1 1994p2 1995p1 1995p2 1996p1 1996p2 1996p3 1997p1 1997p2 1997p3 1998p1 1998p2 1999p1 1999p2
1999p3 2000p1 2000p2 2001p1 2001p2 2001p3 2002p1 2002p2 2003p1 2003p2 2003p3 2004p1 2004p2 2004p3 2005p1 2005p2 2005p3 2006p1 2006p2
2006p3 2007p1 2007p2 2007p3 2008p1 2008p2 2008p3 2008p4 2009p1 2009p2 2009p3 2009p4 2010p1 2010p2 2010p3 2011p1 2011p2 2011p3 2012p1
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GregCiesielski USCG 19650804 1 Front.jpg


Newburyport MA

175th Anniversary of the USCG. First Day of Issue for Sc. UX52

Cachet Director and artist is Rich Hoffner


GregCiesielski PugetSound AD38 19680427 2 Back.jpg
GregCiesielski PugetSound AD38 19680427 2 Front.jpg


Locy Type FDC 2t(n+) (USS)
USS Puget Sound AD-38


Cachet Director and artist is Rich Hoffner



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