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This section is under construction


These tutorials walk you through the steps on how to perform the most common updates to the Museum. You will perform actual updates to some test pages so you can get the hang of it before making updates to the main pages. You will need a userid and password to do most of these tutorials so contact the Curator if you don't already have one.

Tutorial 1: Introductions

Tutorial 1a: An introduction to index pages and navigation
Tutorial 1b: An introduction to page links
Tutorial 1c: An introduction to uploading images


Tutorial 2: Activating a Ship and Creating its Main Page

Tutorial 2a: Activating a ship in an index page
Tutorial 2b: Creating the ship's main page
Tutorial 2c: Editing the Ship Name and Designation History section
Tutorial 2d: Editing the Naval Covers section
Tutorial 2e: Editing the Postmarks section
Tutorial 2f: Editing the Other Information section


Tutorial 3: Adding Covers and Postmarks for a Specific Ship

Tutorial 3a: Adding covers to a ship's Covers Page
Tutorial 3b: Adding postmarks to a ship's main page


Tutorial 4: Adding Covers for a Specific Cachet Maker


Tutorial 5: Adding Covers for a Specific Cachet Category


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