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Ship Name and Designation History

This section lists the names and designations that the ship had during its lifetime. The list is in chronological order.

    Coastal Patrol Yacht
    Built 1925 as Steel Hulled Yacht "CARITAS"
    Acquired by U.S. Navy December 1 1941

  1. USS GARNET PYc-15
    Commissioned July 4 1942 - Decommissioned December 29 1945
    Transferred to Maritime Commission February 20 1947 for disposal

    Sold July 10 1947 to I. W. Landers of Baltimore, MD
    Now the Ship Ashore Museum off Highway 101 at Smith River, California

Naval Covers

This section lists active links to the pages displaying covers associated with the ship. There should be a separate set of pages for each name of the ship (for example, Bushnell AG-32 / Sumner AGS-5 are different names for the same ship so there should be one set of pages for Bushnell and one set for Sumner). Covers should be presented in chronological order (or as best as can be determined).

Since a ship may have many covers, they may be split among many pages so it doesn't take forever for the pages to load. Each page link should be accompanied by a date range for covers on that page.

  1. Covers Page 1     (1943)



This section lists examples of the postmarks used by the ship. There should be a separate set of postmarks for each name and/or commissioning period. Within each set, the postmarks should be listed in order of their classification type. If more than one postmark has the same classification, then they should be further sorted by date of earliest known usage.

A postmark should not be included unless accompanied by a close-up image and/or an image of a cover showing that postmark. Date ranges MUST be based ONLY ON COVERS IN THE MUSEUM and are expected to change as more covers are added.
>>> If you have a better example for any of the postmarks, please feel free to replace the existing example.


Postmark Type
Killer Bar Text

Thumbnail Link To
Postmark Image
Thumbnail Link To
Cover Image


Locy Type



The ship had no postal facilities, so this cover was posted either on another ship or ashore.


Other Information

In 1946 the Navy decided that GARNET's usefulness was ended, and she was retired from active duty. Her engines were removed and sold. She was tied up to Hammond Lumber Co. dock until the weather and tides were right to bring her to the banks of the Smith River (now the site of Ship Ashore Motel) where for 15 years she served as a restaurant, cocktail lounge, gift and tackle shop, motel office and museum. Over the years she became the community's most prominent landmark, where she is affectionately known as "The Ship."
In the spring of 1965 she took another overland journey from the riverbank to a new location beside Highway 101, where now she not only serves as the landmark for travelers turning into the resort area, but boasts an enlarged museum consisting of local historic artifacts, one of the west coast's largest shell collections, rocks and minerals, natural history and the famous pirates and gift shop.
SHIP ASHORE, is a complete all-year resort, noted for its salmon, steelhead and trout as well as all-year ocean fishing.

NAMESAKE - A brittle, often crystalline, glasslike mineral found In a variety of colors. The most precious variety, used as a gem, is of a deep red



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