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To create a new page, you must first create a link to it on some existing page. Then, after you save that page, the link to the new page will show up in red. If you click on that red link, the new page will be displayed in edit mode. Initially the editor will be empty since the page is new and has no content. It is up to you to add the appropriate code for the type of page you want to create.
A page link has the following format:

PAGE_NAME is the name of the new page and LABEL is the text that will appear in the link. For example, in the page link [[Designation_ADG | ADG]], the page name is Designation_ADG and the label is ADG. When you display a page, the page name is what appears at the top of the page (ie, "Designation ADG" or "Creating a New Page" - note that the underscores were converted to blanks). The label "ADG" is the wording in the link that you click to get to the page.


The most likely situations when you will need to create a new page are for:

  • a new ship
  • a new hull designation
  • a new cachet maker
  • a new cachet category

For all these situations, we provide a set of templates to initialize the page. All you need to do is copy and paste the template and then add entries specific to that type of page. For a complete list of page templates, see the "Templates to use when creating new pages in the Museum" section in the How To Edit Pages page.


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