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1986-04-24<br/>USPS Type 9 Cancel<br/>"Miami Beach Br."<br/>Miami FL
1986-04-24<br/>USPS Type 9 Cancel<br/>"Miami Beach Br."<br/>Miami FL
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First Day This Cachet
First Day This Cachet -<br/>[[FARALLON_WPB_1301_ | USCGC Farallon WPB-1301]]
Cachet by [[Cachet_Maker_Walter_Grabowy_ | Walter Grabowy]], sponsored by the Coast Guard Study Group, USCS.
Cachet by [[Cachet_Maker_Walter_Grabowy_ | Walter Grabowy]], sponsored by the Coast Guard Study Group, USCS.

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Composition: members interested in Coast Guard covers and study of covers from cutters and stations.
Organized: Chartered September 1980 as USCS Study Group #1. Established in Spring of 1984 as Coast Guard Study Group (USCS Log November 1985, page 149)
Organizing members: John Young, Walter Grabowy and Sandy Sher; some 90 USCS members joined in the course of its existence.
Cachet director and artist: Walt Grabowy
        The purpose of this study group was to promote the study of the history of the Coast Guard cutters; promote the collection and study of CG postal markings, cachets and related material; disseminate knowledge of this material; develop a check list of cutters using postal cancels and cachets; promote an annual CG Day cover; develop an exchange circuit and foster a spirit of fellowship among naval cover collectors within the study group. John Young was the editor of the CGSG newsletter from its first edition of June 1984 to the final edition, #74 of 1998 when John decided to discontinue the newsletter in favor of a regular column titled “Hooligan News”in the USCS Log.
        The primary activity of the CGSG was issuing rubber stamp cachets (RSC) devices of CG unit logos. If the unit did not have a patch or logo, Walter Grabowy designed and manufactured the RSC device. In its period of activity Grabowy is responsible for providing 547 RSC devices to Coast Guard units, both afloat and ashore at no cost to the unit. Ordinarily Grabowy sent between 30 and 50 covers for servicing by the unit with the new cachet. Sales of the covers sustained the costs of his operation. These covers were identified with a marking, RS or hand done “First Day This Cachet” In 1982, Grabowy began sponsoring an annual Coat Guard Day cacheted cover, continuing this until his death in 2002.
        On July 4, 1986, 18 of the 20 CG Cutters which participated in the Liberty Festival on the occasion of the first day of issue of the 22 cent Liberty issue of 1986 responded with serviced covers. In the following listing, USCG and CGC are not included for stations and cutters, respectively to save space. An asterisk (*) with some listings indicates “first day this cachet” and is thought to have been used inconsistently in reports of cachets sponsored. In Commission, Special indicates provisional acceptance by the USCG pending formal commissioning at a later date and selected city.
        Sponsor identification: None for the first 50 covers; thereafter covers are identified with a two line RS “USCS Study Group #1" on reverse. Rubber stamp cacheted covers sponsored from records provided by Grabowy and annual reports made to the USCS.
Historical notes from the Cachetmakers Catalog Volume II, Sept. 2009


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GregCiesielski Farallon WPB1301 19860424 1 Front.jpg
GregCiesielski Farallon WPB1301 19860424 1 Back.jpg

USPS Type 9 Cancel
"Miami Beach Br."
Miami FL

First Day This Cachet -
USCGC Farallon WPB-1301

Cachet by Walter Grabowy, sponsored by the Coast Guard Study Group, USCS.



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