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Edward A. Peake (1912-2004), USCS #646, was and original member of Battleship Oregon Chapter #22. He was the exchange manager in 1934. Besides assisting with chapter covers, he also did a few cachets himself. Not much is known of his cachet work, but they often were hand drawn and colored. Probably only a handful few of each were produced. Sometimes the name of William Ormandy is listed with cachets that Peake sponsored. Ormandy was not a USCS member--probably someone who lived in the Portland, Oregon area. Peake was a long time postal employee, and a WWII army veteran. He died in 2004, probably the last living member of the old Battleship Oregon Chapter.

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Locy Type F   (USCS Illustration W-23)
USS Whipple AG-117




Locy Type 5hks (C)
USS Langley CV-1

Independence Day

Cachet artist - William Ormandy
Bruce D. Liddell collection


Locy Type 5hks
USS Dallas DD-199

Independence Day

Notes: Cachet Makers: E A Peake and William Ormandy


Locy Type 5hks
USS Nevada BB-36


Notes: Cachet Makers: E A Peake and Ronald E Greenwood



Locy Type 3 (BC-TTB)
USS Nevada BB-36

20th Anniversary

Cachet by E. A. Peake. From the Tom Kean collection.



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