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Ship Name and Designation History

This section lists the names and designations that the ship had during its lifetime. The list is in chronological order.

    Admiral W. S. Benson Class Transport
    Keel Laid 15 June 1944 - Launched 4 June 1945

    Commissioned 27 September 1945 - Decommissioned 21 June 1946

    Struck from the Naval Register 3 July 1946

    Returned to MARCOM for assignment to the US Army Transportation Service 3 July 1946
    Commissioned August 1946

    Renamed (Date Unknown) - Decommissioned 1950

    Reacquired by the US Navy 1 March 1950
    Assigned to MSTS and Placed in Service 28 April 1950
    Placed out of Service 1967

  5. AP-127
    Name withdrawn June 1976, designation retained as AP-127

    Returned to MARAD in July 1971

    Name (AP-127) canceled 6 July 1976

  6. IX-510
    Redesignated Miscellaneous Unclassified (IX) October 1981
    Placed in Service at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA, 1 July 1982
    Placed out of Service in April 1991

    Struck from the Naval Register 26 October 1993
    Title transferred to MARAD 1 May 1999
    Sold for scrapping 13 September 2004
    Scrapping completed 11 September 2006

Naval Covers

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  1. USNS General William O. Darby T-AP-127 Covers Page 1     (DATE RANGE)



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Postmark Type
Killer Bar Text

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Postmark Image
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Cover Image


Machine Postmark

Brooklyn, NY


As USNS General William O. Darby. The ship had no postal facilities.


Other Information

USS ADMIRAL WILLIAM S. SIMS / GENERAL WILLIAM O. DARBY earned the American Campaign Medal, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, the World War II Victory Medal, the Navy Occupation Service Medal (with Asia & Europe clasps), the National Defense Service Medal (2 awards), the Korean Service Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal w/ 1 Campaign star, the United Nations Service Medal, the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Commendation Ribbon and the Republic of Korea War Service Medal during her Naval career.

NAMESAKE - Admiral William Sowden Sims, USN (15 October 1858 - 25 September 1936)
        Sims was appointed to the Naval Academy in 1876 and graduated in 1880. Seventeen years of sea duty were followed by assignments as Naval Attaché to Paris, St. Petersburg, and Madrid. Sims next served as Inspector of Target Practice; and, under his supervision, the naval gunnery system increased the rapidity of hits 100 percent and the general effectiveness of fire 500 percent. He also served as Naval Aide to President Theodore Roosevelt for two and one-half years. On 11 February 1917, Sims became President of the Naval War College. In March 1917, he was designated by the Secretary of the Navy as Representative of the Navy Department in London. With the entry of the United States into World War I in April, he was ordered to assume command of all American destroyers, tenders, and auxiliaries operating from British bases. In May, he was designated as Commander of United States Destroyers Operating from British Bases, with the rank of Vice Admiral; and, in June, his title was changed to Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters. On 10 December 1917, he assumed additional duty as Naval Attaché, London, England. The North Sea Mine Barrage was laid under his direction. Admiral Sims again became President of the Naval War College in April 1919 and served in that capacity until his retirement on 15 October 1922.

Four ships of the US Navy have been named in his honor - USS Sims DD-409, USS Sims APD-50, USS Admiral William S. Sims AP-127 and USS W. S. Sims FF-1059

NAMESAKE - Brigadier General William Orlando Darby, USA (8 February 1911 - 30 April 1945)
        Darby graduated from the U.S. Military Academy 13 June 1933 and was commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Field Artillery. Prior to the beginning of World War II, he served with the 82d, 3d, and 80th Field Artillery Divisions and with the 1st Cavalry. In 1942 he assumed command of the 1st Ranger Battalion and distinguished himself during operations in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. Promoted to Colonel 11 December 1943, he returned to the United States in April 1944 for duty with the Army Ground Forces and later with the Operations Division, War Department General Staff. He returned to Europe in March 1945, and became Assistant Commander of the 10th Mountain Division the following month. He was killed by an exploding shell 30 April 1945 and was posthumously promoted to Brigadier General.



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