Hull Designations in Alphabetical Order

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This index lists U.S. Navy hull designations in alphabetical order.
There is one page for each designation and each page will list all the vessels with that designation in order of their hull number. Note that many vessels were reclassified with different designations and hull numbers and some have been reclassified several times. Such vessels are listed under each of their known designations and hull numbers but all such entries will point to the same page belonging to that vessel.
For convenience, there is also a list of designations grouped by category.

(None)Vessels with no designation
AB Crane Ship (converted BB)
ABSD Advance Base Sectional Dock
AC Collier
ACM Auxiliary Mine Layer
ACR Armored Cruiser (pre 1920)
ACV Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier
AD Destroyer Tender
ADG Degaussing Ship
AE Ammunition Ship
AF Store Ship (Refrigerated)
AFDB Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock, Large
AFDL Small Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock
AFDM Medium Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock
AFS Combat Store Ship
AG Miscellaneous Auxiliary
AGB Icebreaker
AGC Amphibious Force Flagship
AGDE Escort Research Ship
AGDS Deep Submergence Support Ship
AGEREnvironmental Research Ship
AGF Miscellaneous Command Ship
AGFF Frigate Research Ship
AGM Missile Range Instrumentation Ship
AGMR Major Communication Relay Ship
AGOR Oceanographic Research Ship
AGP Motor Torpedo Boat Tender
AGR Radar Picket Ship
AGS Survey Ship
AGSc Coastal Survey Ship
AGSS Auxiliary Submarine
AGTR Technical Research Ship
AH Hospital Ship
AK Cargo Ship
AKA Attack Cargo Ship
AKD Cargo Ship Dock
AKN Net Cargo Ship
AKS General Stores Issue Ship
AKV Cargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry
AM Minesweeper
AMc Coastal Minesweeper
AMCUCoastal Minesweeper Underwater Locator
AMS Motor Minesweepers Ship
AN Net Laying Ship (to 1968)
ANL Net Laying Ship (from 1968)
AO Oiler (fuel oil)
AOE Fast Combat Support Ship
AOG Gasoline Tanker
AOR Replenishment Oiler
AOSS Submarine Oiler
AP Transport (troops)
APA Attack Transport
APB Self-propelled Barracks Ship
APD High Speed Transport
APH Transport (Wounded)
APL Barracks Ship
APM Mechanized Artillery Transport
APR Rescue Transport
APS Transport Submarine (WW II)
APSS Transport Submarine
APV Transport and Aircraft Ferry
AR Repair Ship
ARB Battle Damage Repair Ship
ARC Cable Repairing or Laying Ship
ARD Auxiliary Repair Drydock
ARDC Repair Drydock, Concrete
ARDM Medium Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock
ARG Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ship
ARH Heavy Hull Repair Ship
ARL Landing Craft Repair Ship
ARS Salvage Ship
ARS(T) Salvage Craft Tender
ARV Aircraft Repair Ship
ARV(A) Aircraft Repair Ship (airframe)
ARV(E) Aircraft Repair Ship (engine)
AS Submarine Tender
ASR Submarine Rescue Ship
ASSA Cargo Submarine
ASSP Transport Submarine
AT Tug (ocean going)
ATA Auxiliary Ocean Tug
ATF Fleet Ocean Tug
ATO Ocean Tug, Old
ATR Rescue Ocean Tug
Austrian Battleship Austrian Battleship
Auxiliary Cruiser Auxiliary Cruiser
AV Seaplane Tender
AVB Advance Aviation Base Ship
AVD Seaplane Tender (destroyer)
AVG Aircraft Escort Vessel
AVM Guided Missile Ship
AVP Small Seaplane Tender
AVS Aviation Supply Ship
AVT Auxiliary Aircraft Transport / Training Carrier (1978)
AW Distilling Ship
AZ Airship Tender
Bark Bark
BB Battleship
BM Monitor
Brigantine Brigantine
C Protected Cruiser (pre 1920)
CA Heavy Cruiser
CAG Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser
CB Large Cruiser
CC Command Ship
CG Guided Missile Cruiser (from 1975)
CGC Coast Guard Cutter (pre 1942)
CGN Guided Missile Cruiser (nuc.)
CL Light Cruiser
CLAA Antiaircraft Light Cruiser
CLC Tactical Command Ship
CLG Guided Missile Light Cruiser
CLK Hunter-Killer Cruiser
CM Mine Layer
CMc Coastal Mine Layer
CS Scout Cruiser (pre 1920)
CV Aircraft Carrier
CVA Attack Aircraft Carrier
CVAN Attack Aircraft Carrier (nuc.)
CVB Large Aircraft Carrier
CVE Escort Aircraft Carrier
CVHA Assault Helicopter Carrier
CVHE Escort Helicopter Carrier
CVL Small Aircraft Carrier
CVN Aircraft Carrier (nuc.)
CVS Anti-submarine Aircraft Carrier
CVT Training Aircraft Carrier
CVU Utility Aircraft Carrier
DD Destroyer
DDE Escort Destroyer
DDG Guided Missile Destroyer
DDK Hunter-Killer Destroyer
DDR Radar Picket Destroyer
DE Destroyer Escort (from 1968, Ocean Escort)
DEC Control Escort Vessel
DEG Guided Missile Escort
DER Radar Picket Escort
DL Frigate ("Destroyer Leader")
DLG Guided Missile Frigate
DLGN Guided Missile Frigate (Nuc.)
DM Destroyer Minelayer
DMS Destroyer Minesweeper
DSV Deep Submergence Vehicle
EAG Miscellaneous Auxiliary (Experimental)
EDD Destroyer (Experimental)
EDDE Escort Destroyer (Experimental)
EDE Destroyer Escort (Experimental)
EMSF Fleet Minesweeper (steel hull) (Experimental)
EPCER Patrol Rescue Escort (Experimental)
ESS Submarine (Experimental)
FF Frigate (from 1975)
FFG Guided Missile Frigate (from 1975)
FFR Radar Picket Frigate (from 1975)
FFTTraining Frigate (from 1990)
FSFFast Sea Frame
German Battleship German Battleship
Gunboat Gunboat
Hospital Ship Hospital Ship
IX Unclassified Miscellaneous Vessel
IXSS Miscellaneous Submarine
LCC Amphibious Command Ship
LCI Landing Craft Infantry
LCI(L) Landing Craft Infantry, Large
LCS Littoral Combat Ship
LCS(L)(3) Landing Craft, Support (Large)
LFR Inshore Fire Support Ship
LHA Amphibious Assault Ship
LHD Amphibious Assault Ship
LKA Amphibious Cargo Ship
LPA Amphibious Transport Ship
LPD Amphibious Transport Dock
LPH Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
LPR Amphibious Transport (Small)
LPSS Amphibious Transport Submarine
LSD Dock Landing Ship
LSI(L)Landing Ship Infantry (Large)
LSM Medium Landing Ship
LSM(R) Medium Landing Ship, Rocket
LST Tank Landing Ship
LST(H) Tank Landing Ship and Casualty Evacuation
LSV Vehicle Landing Ship
MCM Mine Countermeasures Ship
MCS Mine Countermeasures Support Ship
MHC Coastal Minehunter
MM Fleet Minelayer
MMC Coastal Minelayer
MMD Fast Minelayer (from 1968)
MMF Fleet Minelayer
MSC(O) Coastal Minesweeper (Old)
MSF Fleet Minesweeper (steel hull)
MSO Ocean Minesweeper (non-magnetic)
NOTS Naval Overseas Transport Service Ship (WW I)
NR Submersible Research Vessel (nuc.)
Old Frigate Old Frigate
Patrol YachtPatrol Yacht
PC Submarine Chaser
PCC Control Submarine Chaser
PCE Patrol Escort (steel hulled)
PCEC Control Patrol Escort
PCE(R) Patrol Rescue Escort
PCS Submarine Chaser
PCSC Control Submarine Chaser
PE Eagle (Patrol) Boat
PF Patrol Escort or Frigate
PG Gunboat Corvette (1942-43)
PGM Motor Gunboat
PR River Gunboat (Yangtze River Patrol)
PY Patrol Vessel, Converted Yacht
PYcPatrol Vessel, Converted Yacht Coastal
Revenue Cutter Coast Guard Revenue Cutter
Sail Frigate Sail Frigate
SC Cruiser Submarine
Screw Sloop Screw Sloop
Screw Steamer Screw Steamer
Second Class Battleship Second Class Battleship
SF Fleet Submarine
Ship of the Line Ship of the Line
Sloop of War Sloop of War
SM Mine Laying Submarine
SP Scout (Section) Patrol Craft (WW I)
SS Submarine
SSA Cargo Submarine
SSBN Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine (nuc.)
SSG Guided Missile Submarine
SSGN Guided Missile Submarine (nuc.)
SSK Antisubmarine Submarine
SSN Attack Submarine (nuc.)
SSO Oiler Submarine
SSP Transport Submarine
SSR Radar Picket Submarine
SSRN Radar Picket Submarine (nuc.)
SST Training Submarine
Steam Sloop Steam Sloop
Steamer Steamer
Steel Bark Steel Bark
Survey Ship Survey Ship
T-AGM Military Sealift Command Missile Range Instrumentation Ship
T-AGS Military Sealift Command Survey Ship
T-AH Military Sealift Command Hospital Ship
T-AKE Military Sealift Command Dry Cargo/Ammunition Ship
T-AKR Military Sealift Command Vehicle Cargo Ship
T-AKV Military Sealift Command Cargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry
T-CVU Military Sealift Command Utility Aircraft Carrier
TB Torpedo Boat
Troop Transport Troop Transport
TT Troop Transport (WW I)
WAG Coast Guard Miscellaneous Auxiliary
WAGB Coast Guard Icebreaker
WAGC Coast Guard Amphibious Force Flagship
WAGE Coast Guard Examination Vessel (?)
WAGL Coast Guard Lighthouse Tender
WAGO Coast Guard Oceanographic Cutter
WAGR Coast Guard Radar Picket Ship
WAK Coast Guard Cargo Ship
WAO Coast Guard Oiler (fuel oil)
WARC Coast Guard Cable Repairing or Laying Ship
WAT Coast Guard Tug (ocean going)
WATFCoast Guard Fleet Ocean Tug
WATO Coast Guard Ocean Tug, Old
WAVP Coast Guard Small Seaplane Tender
WDE Coast Guard Destroyer Escort
WHEC Coast Guard High Endurance Cutter
WIX Coast Guard Unclassified Miscellaneous Vessel
WLB Coast Guard Seagoing Buoy Tender
WLM Coast Guard Coastal Buoy Tender
WMEC Coast Guard Medium Endurance Cutter
WPB Coast Guard Patrol Craft
WPC Coast Guard Submarine Chaser
WPF Coast Guard Patrol Escort or Frigate
WPG Coast Guard Gunboat
WPR Coast Guard River Gunboat
WSC Coast Guard Patrol Craft
WTR Coast Guard Training Vessel
WYT Coast Guard Harbor Tug
YAG Miscellaneous Auxiliary
YAGR Ocean Station Radar Ship
YDGDegaussing Ship
YF Covered Lighter
YFD Yard Floating Dry Dock
YFNB Large Covered Lighter
YH Ambulance Boat
YMS Motor Mine Sweeper
YN Net Tender (boom)
YNg Net Tender (gate vessel)
YNTDistrict Net Tender
YO Fuel Oil Barge
YOG Gasoline Barge
YP Patrol Craft
YR Floating Workshop
YRBM Repair, Berthing and Messing Barge
YRSTYard Salvage Craft Tender
YT Harbor Tug
YTB Large Harbor Tug
YTM Medium Harbor Tug
YVDrone Aircraft Catapult Control Ship
YW Water Barge



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